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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



New bug I haven’t seen before:
Pitch delay positive Speed amounts are rounded properly. Going negative, you get values like -0.199 instead of -0.2.


noticed this as well


Me three! I should ban IEEE floats from all UI code. They can be such a PITA.


ahhahah seems like whack-a-mole


Damn I love this module :smile:

Just thought I’d say that out loud.


+1 (band units)

Here’s another request:
It would be very handy if there is a possibility to edit (slice…) audio files directly in the sample pool. In some of my custom units the sample players are embedded deep in sub layers, i replace the dummy samples in the sample pool, but if i want to slice new samples i have to navigate down to the sample players.
With fresh audio from the 6-track recorder it would also be great to edit it right after recording for later use.
Thank you! :bowing_man:


If anyone is interested in some very basic cpu load test between the different versions of 4.0.5:

Made a patch with the low latency version, hit around 61% cpu with som clicks and pops, as expected att this cpu load (2sine osc, 2 triangle osc, 1 saw osc, 1 freeverb, and a bunch envelopes and stuff).
Then i switched to the normal 48kHz version, which loaded the cpu around 41% no pops or clicks.
Then switched to the 96kHz which has the most pops and clicks and a cpu load of around 76%

Btw, heres a recording of that patch Share your ER-301 Music


is there a way to erase loop points in a sample without resetting slices?


Do mean ‘reset’ as in resetting the trigger or as in erasing the entire slice?


Control Editor is incredible, thx Brian


@odevices. Possible Bug: When changing the Custom Control Name in the “Edit Control” submenu, the rename change does not appear until back at the chain level.

edit: Also possibly related and unsure if intentional. When assigning a top level custom Local control to a sub control the renamed name does not appear, e.g. “fun slider” shows as “generic custom unit (gb1)”


Possible Bug: Loading a new custom unit after saving it for the first time seems to randomly delete controls. Have experienced it twice now. Create new custom unit, work on it, save it. Come back later, load it, one or two of the custom unit controls will be missing. Re-adding that control and then saving and loading seems to keep the control in place.


ah! thats what might have happened with my baron cimitière! @joe reported that the A decay control is missing!


Just wanted to say thanks for this. I think it came out of the “removing the irritants“ discussion. It is markedly improved now (pretty much perfect I’d say!) and makes the ER-301 that much more of a joy to use.


I noticed this too but was not sure if i messed up and did not investigate further…so yes there’s something going on :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@rbeny was it the first of the custom controls? or random?


Hmm, the first control in each instance disappeared. But a control in the middle of each disappeared as well. None of the controls were the first or last that I added, but rather the order they were in on the unit.


Hello Brian :slight_smile:
Thanks for all the beautiful things you’re adding to the firmware !
I have a (tiny) request : would it be possible to add the date of release next to each version in the first post of this thread ?


Would it be possible to have the multi band containers be an “averager” in addition to the way it functions now as a “unity” mixer?

EDIT: I think I misunderstood how this container works. It will output the average of the bands (not an adder).

If someone has an existing solution, I would be grateful.

Possible Bugs:

  • Gates/Toggles do not invert after submenu selection?
  • Units in Custom/Multiband Units will forget their routings and return to “Empty” on reload of Unit


I’ve noticed this control disappearing when copying and pasting as well.