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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



yes!! Thanks a lot for your effort and dedication to this wonderful project!


Honestly, I feel this is all on the user and is just a part of general Audio engineering “know your signal path” kinda thing.


Perhaps just a simple warning alert when you patch something that creates a feedback loop - “Would you like to destroy your speakers Y/N?”


I agree and maybe i should explain more - there will be times where there are gonna be unknown connections that may create speaker destroying feedback. When your in a modular environment where you have physical connections for everything its harder to make these errors…


maybe this explains it better :slight_smile:


feedback is the territory, sounds like you folks want the best of both Worlds whilst Brian lets you swim in the big pool with your floaties on :joy:

embrace the feedback, it’s modular after all and “great accidents can lead to great sounds”

  • I vote for no limiting, keep it raw. Just put some kind of protection (compressor/limited) between your modular and speakers.


But but! Is this really a problem for a digital module with a de facto limiter on its output (i.e. the DAC itself)? :thinking: I think the current situation is no more dangerous than it was before because there were already a bunch of ways you could get full scale output all of a sudden (White Noise unit, LPF resonance, Delay feedback, etc.).

Another way of putting the same thing: Do you really set the downstream gain on the output of your modular so that its maximum output could damage your speakers? If so, just the act of plugging in a patch cable could damage your speakers.

(*) The maximum voltage swing the ER-301 can produce on its outputs is about +/- 7V.


I agree with @NeilParfitt


This is could further my suggestion for a ‘trickle’ unit/with VCA… as by default with VCA units now, gain and bias are 0… so you’d have to turn it up to discover a loop vs an immediate surprise using a channel mixer that defaults at nominal :smiley:


Are V.3 presets completely incompatible with V.4 as well? I noticed that my custom unit presets in the V3 folder do not show up if I navigate to that same folder in .4. I’m assuming that’s the .lua removal in play here?


I’ve tried to keep backwards compatibility, so you should only need to change the file extensions of your v0.3 presets:

v0.3 v0.4
unit example.lua example.unit
chain example.lua example.chain
quicksave Q01.lua Q01.save
pool example.lua example.pool
globals example.lua example.globals
preamp example.lua example.preamp
6track example.lua example.6track

Note: This applies only to presets. For example, the lua scripts in the libs folder are not presets and should not be renamed.


nice! Ok this is a lifesaver :slight_smile:


Scope Feedback

Noticing while skimming around, and the encoder is set to fine, there’s a bit of a verticle up and down ‘dance’ if it’s a big patch and you’re still on the same ‘level’. The Dance seems to happen most when moving from a unit to its parameters (even if empty). Just wondering if it would be smoother to have the cursor arrow jump down for those and only vertical shift when it moves down to a new subchain level. That way your eye can sorta keep tabs of where you are level wise and it mimics (in a way) the dive into/exit out of spiral of units/subchains :slight_smile:

-the separator lines (I’m assuming that’s so we know which softkey will work with what’s hovering over it) could be fainter… even 50% less. Like a felt but not heard kinda thing.

-The ‘please wait’ is almost too polite :smiley: I’d opt to just populate the scope when it’s ready, vs. the constant reminder.


I can confirm that after renaming the extension, my quicksaves and presets load up! Woo!


This is intended behavior in the scope mode:

Coarse: Scrolling left/right tries to keep the cursor on the same depth, skipping things if necessary.
Fine: Scrolling left/right increments depth-first through ALL units and branches. You miss nothing.

I’ll try it out! :wink:

I agree. Really it should have a demure spinner but I was too busy (!) and just threw the “please wait” up.


It’s subtle but I noticed for the first time, that there are verticle and horizontal mini-arrows under the coarse and fine lights!

And the navigation in the scope follows these graphics!

@odevices you madman you! :smiley:


Dang, I still need to make sure I know how to use everything in V0.3 first…


I should have been a bit more detailed. Feels like it’s jumping a single (or maybe 2) pixels? I didn’t mean the general verticle jumps between things.

Unlisted Vid:


Thank you @NeilParfitt!

v0.4.01 CHANGES

  • FIXED: Sample Auditioning > OUTx chain output would break after auditioning files on the same channels.
  • FIXED: Mixer Unit > Inserting a Mixer unit into a mono chain incorrectly showed stereo faders.
  • FIXED: Scope Mode > Button columns were too bright.


Holy Bananas! Can Apple please hire you to tweak Logic Pro? And Avid for Protools?

Just imagine how efficient the world would be! :blush: :sunny: