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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



I can confirm same behavior. First custom control disappeared after saved and re-loaded


loving the latest update, especially the low latency version!

my main realization with the 301 of late is that it can be used very simply. i still don’t understand how some of the latest features work, but i will get there in due time.


just did some stereo things, seems like the pan controls disappear after “minimizing” the mixer channel.
another thing i noticed when changing octave with the v/oct on a oscillator the coarse control want to snap to -1298 or -1208, and also if dialing in an exact value of like 1200, the unit would say 1199.


Already reported but thank you :wink:


May I have more details on this one? What is a submenu selection?


no, thank you! :balloon:


May I ask why? Please keep in mind that this is not an official firmware release thread but more of a discussion to get feedback and keep a tight development loop as I (we) work to get this version to a stable state. As much as possible I want to keep this firmware out of the hands of people who might not be reading the thread and hence not aware of the issues as they are discovered. I hope that makes sense.

By the way, if you click on the orange pencil in a post, I believe it will tell you how long ago the last edit happened.


Hi Brian. When you press enter on the unit name it enters a submenu (enter menu?) that you can change things like gate/toggle…, invert. When invert is selected it changes the glyph to have a small o on top of it. I thing it still goes 0 to 1 off to on vs 0 to 1 on to off? I’m assuming it works this way?

Thank you for your time.


Ah, the Control Editor. Thank you, now I understand what you mean by that part. However, can you be more specific about why you think the gate’s output is not inverted?

(*) My question has 2 purposes: 1) Find the bug (if it exists). 2) Evaluate if the UI is giving you the wrong clues.


So the control in the Control Editor is just a test control. While in the editor, you are working with a copy of the actual control in the unit, then once you are satisfied with your changes and leave the Control Editor, the customizations are applied to the actual control.


Reproduced. Soon to be squashed.


I guess not!


v0.4.06 CHANGES

  • FIXED: Source Assignments > The output of certain sub-chains (note to self: branch output is a ParameterAdapter) was not propagating.
  • FIXED: Scale Quantizer > Scales are now sorted in dictionary order.
  • FIXED: Control Editor > Renamed controls were not showing the new name in the editor.
  • FIXED: Control Editor > Renaming a custom control was causing the control to disappear from presets.
  • FIXED: All Faders > Sometimes displayed values would have rounding errors (-0.1 would show as -0.099, etc.)
  • FIXED: Countdown Unit > There were two versions causing confusion, one in testlib and one in builtins. Removed the one in testlib and fixed the one in builtins to properly count down again.


crash.log.zip (646 Bytes)

Hope its ok to post this here. lazy friday…:sleeping:
4.0.5 btw.


This is my first post, I’m long time lurker here and just wanted to say that the frequency of firmware updates is amazing. Recent ones made me finally sign up in here. ER301 is one of the most innovative modules I’ve came across. Blows my mind continuously. Hats off to you Brian and also great to see amazing community in here!

One potential bugs I’ve found in 4.05 that haven’t been mentioned (i think) and can’t track it down repeatedly is massive CPU spike (around 20%) once loading exact convolution unit, which slowed down patch to unusable state. Did anyone come across it?

Will continue experimenting and just dowloaded 4.06… Cheers!


And a warm welcome to you, Radek :wink:

Is this in addition to the heavy CPU usage that this unit normally requires?


Thank you.

For everyone else, we have a crash when trying to assign a local source to a track in the 6-track recorder. Don’t do it. :laughing:


So just so I understand that control “copy”… it’s basically a “preview control” of sorts? I wonder if it would be beneficial to add a “preview” text above or below saying this, and the sub chain access was disabled. I’m only suggesting this as this is the first time (I think) we’ve seen subchain navigation/being able to add units where they don’t “exist” and disappear when you exit out.


Idea to save some repetitive keystrokes white patching:

If the last selected patching source group was remembered while navigating around making connections.

So ie: if you’re in the middle of building something big internally, you’d choose “locals” to see the map. Then, each time you make an additional connection, it would default to locals, skipping an extra S key stroke each time.

Then if you were wanting to connect externally, , press the s key “jacks” , and then it would default to this when you go to make a connection again later.

Same behavior for global.

This would save some buttoning!! if ie: rigging up a complex patch with 20 local connections, you could essentially save 19 key presses while doing it


That’s weird. I’m sure that is the way it worked at some point in the last few weeks. I must have broken it :laughing: