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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



Is there any reason these kind of “focus press unit settings” can’t have controls at the top level? Maybe with a different class of control just for this purpose? I often forget the Play Extent setting.


I strongly prefer to keep these set-and-forget options in the background. If you forget these settings a lot, then how about making a unit preset?


Sure. I’ve avoided much of the preset functionality to date to avoid dealing with breaking firmware changes, but maybe things are stable enough now to rely on that approach a bit more.

Also, perhaps some of these settings aren’t set-and-forget. If I come up with a reason to change them frequently then maybe there’s still a need for a quicker way to get to them. Or maybe not.


Although I don’t take breaking preset compatibility lightly, I can’t really guarantee that they won’t break again. This is why I recommend sticking with the stable versions. My intuition tells me that it is not constructive to accept arguments for UI changes that are based on firmware instability.


Oh and furthermore, the foreground unit UI will never have enough space for everything so I would prefer that it becomes a habit to check in the unit menu whenever you are looking for something.


All completely understood.

never is a long time though, and given we’re only on 0.4.x, I can imagine lots of efficiencies developing over time as the platform matures. For example - as more people get stuck into building custom units with lots of controls - some form of collapsible group for sets of controls could be necessary. (Thinks… maybe that exists already? I better go look…)

Anyway, I certainly agree there’s no need for any change to the unit menu system right now, based on your input.

Thanks, btw :slight_smile:


This could indeed be a good idea. The route that already exists in a rudimentary form in the UI code is to allow each unit have to have a number of “views” each with a different set of controls (not necessarily distinct). This is how the context views and the (trivial) collapsed view are implemented. The last piece of the puzzle is finding some way to allow the user to flip through the views. Of course, one could argue that this is not really any different from the unit menu. So in a circle we go. :laughing:


I encountered this too with Manual Grains, think i just had V/Oct and Speed visible.


Regarding my post above about the difficulty leaving scope mode on a Mixer unit, the only time this happens in when I try to exit a scope with the cursor hovering over the center of it. If I move to the left over Mixer Channel and collapse the scope that way, everything works as it should. So the lesson is, don’t try to collapse the scope while hovering over it and the sub display is not showing anything.


Scale Quantize once minimized cannot be expanded again. I can “open” it by replacing it.


Pressing ENTER while the arrow is on the header does not cycle between expanded and collapsed?


Correct. Will reboot and try again. Upon reboot it works as advertised :roll_eyes:


Argh. :unamused:


I had this issue with other units too (I guess it was Tap Tempo), so I think this is more a general problem


v4.06, inserted clocked stretch, and all the 7 controllers (clock, v/oct, trig, slice, shift, dur, jitter) were all there, then i press slice and when i go up again, i can see only trig/slice/shift , the other controllers disappear.


This quicksave has 140 units :scream: I’m not sure but I think there are 6 copies of the Baron Cimitiere unit. Did you do that on purpose?


I think i used 3 of them. Also when i saved that quicksave, im pretty sure i deleted the freeverb, but i noticed when trying to realod that is said “loading freeverb” so somethings is funky with that quicksave :frowning:


argh! even 3 barons can be pretty taxing on the cpu :slight_smile: but i’m honoured it got that much attention :slight_smile:


i will investigate further tomorrow but it seems that on 0.4.06 Low Latency version with a stereo chain and just a pedal looper i have some strange clicks and pops (with cpu about 7%).
i switched to the “normal” 0.4.06 and they disappeared.
is it possible @odevices?
i’ll try to replicate tomorrow.


I guess you were not aware that unlinking a stereo channel group duplicates it’s contents.

From v0.4.04

  • ENHANCED: Channel Link/Unlink > Linking will keep the contents of the upper chain. Unlinking will duplicate the contents of the original stereo chain into the 2 resulting mono chains.

I think I’ll change it so the bottom mono chain is empty and only the upper mono chain keeps the original content.