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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



Seems like that might be a more “intuitively” expected behavior.


ops! my bad :flushed: but ye could be a quite dangerous button to press in some cases


Hi Brian, I just sent you an email according to the error prompt but following the wiki guidelines I’ll post it here too. Running 0.4.06 48khz

Getting a crash when replacing an offset with a bipolar vca in a sub chain and pressing the Locals button.

An unrelated issue is when customizing controls sometimes the smaller screen does not update leading to double printed text.

I still have to check the toggle behaviour as mentioned in a previous post.

Again, thank you for your time.


ok, this was my problem, no bug. i cannot reproduce the clicks. i was recording a theremin which doesn’t get along well with the modular, even at a 5 meters distance it picks up all sorts of signals from the modular :slight_smile:


Yay! Less work for me! :laughing:


hehehhe yes.
another one:
i built a chain with a pedal looper followed by a 2 bands unit. in one i put a dub looper randomized by clocked random gates and pingable scaled random.
when assigning modulations from “locals” it gave no signals except for audio ones.
i saved the chain, rebooted, it now works flawlessly. strange. will keep an eye\ear to it and if it happens again i will notify.


i just now realized the impact of having the EDIT CONTROLS on each unit.
@odevices this is huge! example: i often want to extend the range of exponential control of frequency of a filter, now i can put in 72 instead of 36 and open that thing up :slight_smile:
thanks the nth time for your brilliant work!


v0.4.07 CHANGES

  • FIXED: 6-track Recorder > Crash when trying to assign a local source.
  • FIXED: Convolution Unit > Removed from the low-latency firmware.
  • FIXED: Move to Mixer > Outgoing connections were being cleared.
  • FIXED: Unlinking Channels > Original content is kept in the top (mono) channel only instead of copying to both channels. This prevents CPU usage from increasing when unlinking channels.
  • FIXED: Unit > Replace > Missing controls after replacing a unit.
  • FIXED: Unit > Replace > After replacing a unit, you might get a crash if when accessing the locals view in any of the unit’s sub-chains.
  • FIXED: Unit > Edit Controls > Sometimes sub display graphics remain from a previous operation or focus.
  • FIXED: Unit > Context Scope > Leaving the context scope view sometimes results in a blank sub display that can only be fixed by moving the cursor away from the control and back on to it.
  • FIXED: Sample Pool > Edited samples were losing their path information and given generated names such as tmp-buffer-1005.wav and so on, instead of using the original filename and incrementing it.
  • ENHANCED: Quicksaves > Cleaned up summary display and now displaying the firmware version of the quicksave, graying out quicksaves that are not compatible.
  • ENHANCED: Unit Control > Number Widget > Committing a value will now also defocus the control to prevent inadvertently changing the value with the encoder.
  • ENHANCED: Sample Pool > Pressing ENTER will open the sample editor and slicer on the currently highlighted sample.


Hope I can load .4.07 and get some time with it this weekend. Thanks, Brian!


Yeah! Thx as always for your hard work :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


0.4.07 normal latency version: fails to load bespoke units. no problem with CU’s


I’m on 0.4.07 normal latency and the bespoke units are loading for me.


So impressed with the development pace. Thx so much Brian.



  • now on 0.4.07 48kHz
  • want to change custom unit from a quicksave made with 0.4.06 48 kHz
  • trying to add a gain bias control to a custom unit on linked output channels 3/4:
    sometimes 301 freezes, sometimes got the ooops message…
    will investigate furthermopoco-crash_01.zip (874 Bytes)


true, now the problem is gone, after a reboot and redoing the exact same sequence of actions.


Neat! This will simplify my workflow.
Thank you :bowing_man:


v0.4.08 CHANGES

  • FIXED: Unit > Custom Controls > Occasional crash when performing an operation that affects the position of a control.
  • FIXED: System > Memory resources were not being released in a timely manner for certain lengthy operations (note to self: Application.postTrigger).


It was probably something to do with this:


whoah, you are quick as lightning, sir!


I am fairly new here. but I am noticing on .4.08 I set a sine osc pitch modulation (not the v per oct) to be controlled from a sine vco with a sample scanner after it and modulating the height of the sample scanner to act as a kinda drift function on the oscillator. I then went to adjust the gain of this drift circuit on the oscillator and was noticing gain would change by +100 using coarse, and plus 10 with fine control. I believe is should have been +1 and +.1 respectively?