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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



No no. As you thought, invert means 0 becomes 1, and, 1 becomes 0. The confusion started when you combined the toggle mode with inversion. In toggle mode, inversion loses all meaning because there is no direct relationship between the level of the input and the level of the output. You are just shifting the true (1) states to the even pulses when they use to be on the odd pulses. Another thing to keep in mind is that the circular graphic is showing the value of the output after inversion. I recommend going back to gate mode and playing with the fire (3) button to get a feel for it.


personally, i don’t like to see double clicking on any device. which is just
my preference…
but you got me thinking:

  • shift + Mx = turns digit to real time mode
  • Mx = current mode
  • a framed [RT] for real time mode
    above the minus could then indicate the RT mode.
  • in system settings you could then swap behaviour
    (to Mx=RT and SHift+Mx=commit) like INS vs. Shift+INS
    for inserting slices at zero crossings…


Oops. I confirmed this. I will fix this now.


v0.4.08p1 CHANGES (patch to low-latency firmware only)

  • FIXED: Lots of builtin units were missing from the unit chooser list.


/me virtually hugs @odevices


I was sort of assuming this is what the upcoming “hold mode” was going to be for, though of course your guess is as good as mine. :slight_smile:


i like your assumption. and it’s far better then mine :wink:.
(i absolutely forgot about that hold position)


Just a feature requests for some additional “modes” of the adsr:

  1. Full cycle
  2. Loop
  3. Loop on gate high

Full cycle would run trough the full cycle of the envelope with any trigger length, maybe a restart yes/no on new triggers would be appropriate to add also.

loop would simply loop the envelope without any input. a gate would reset the the envelope cycle to the start, but continue looping.

Loop on gate high would loop the envelope when the gate is high… who would have known!? :thinking::wink:

i did search about this,and checked the wiki, but i could not find anything about it, but im sure someone else have been thinking about this so sorry if its a double post :slight_smile:

To be able to change to curve shapes would be really cool also, but i read its doable with some patching.


Hello, I’ve found a possible intermittent bug in the jack meter overview not functioning when assigning from “Jacks.” 48khz 0.4.08

Looks like no signal:
But when you press to drill down, you can see signal.


I think found a buggie…

If I add a new custom gate control and move to the left-most side of the controls, when I exit and go back to the unit, it’s 3 controls in from the left. I go back to the control editor and move it to the far left, it’ll now show up in the proper spot after leacving that screen.

I this is repeatable with a Sin or Triangle unit so far…


Awesome work with the videos once again. These are very helpful to beginners.
I’ve noticed in your videos that you have a habit of scrolling to a parameter before you select it with a soft key. If the parameter you want to adjust is within view, all you have to do is to hit the soft key underneath. Saves a bit of fiddling around with encoder.
Looking forward to more of your videos. Please keep them coming!


I know… it’s a bad habit! :flushed:


I have the same habit! Encoder haptics :heart_eyes:


The more I analyze it, I think it’s because my hand is always hovering over the encoder… and the Wiggler in me just needs to twiggle it!


I wonder if the encoder was set to page scroll vs control scroll if it might make programming even faster (does it break anything?). :thinking:


Thank you for the detailed bug description, Adrian. This is reproduced and will be addressed in the next release.


Unfortunately, it didn’t happen when I followed these steps:

  • Insert a Sin Osc unit.
  • Enter the Control Editor and scroll all the way to the end.
  • Insert a Gate control (S2) and accept all defaults and press ENTER.
  • Highlight the new control, hold S3 to grab it and then moved it all the way over to the left so that it is the first control, release S3 and press ENTER.
  • Now I’m back in the chain view, and the I see the control where it should be at the front.

Do you notice anything missing in my test?


Potential GUI bug: (.4.08)

Start fresh, load a SIN oscillator (or anything with more controls that can fit on the screen).

Now, flip to scope mode and put the cursor over the rightmost parameter. Now, change back to edit mode. The selected parameter is still out of view. Should it bring that into view if we’re navigating to it?




I had initially inserted the gate control to the extreme left as it allowed me to. Upon pressing Entier, that gate would show at position 3.

But, seems to be ok doing this after updating to .4.08


Ah. That makes sense. There was a pretty serious bug in v0.4.07 that had to do with control positions:

  • FIXED: Unit > Custom Controls > Occasional crash when performing an operation that affects the position of a control.