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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



That would be better. :blush: At the moment it is just left-justifying the unit.


Noticed today when making a heavy patch that i could reduce the clicks and pops by restarting the 301 and reloading the patch, probably not a bug, but could be a lifesaver if you always live on the edge as me :slight_smile:

Could it have something to do with copy paste stuff? or leftovers from deleting units or something similar?


Another possible bug on 0.4.8. When assigning the output of another units control (in this case, the trig of Manual Grains to the trig of a Sample and Hold) to another spot within a custom unit, the assignment is broken upon saving and reloading of the custom unit. It seems that you can’t assign any custom unit controls to these controls after this either.


Loving Bands over here. Just wanted to say so :smile:


Hi Brian, Thank you for the sample pool preview and editor in global mode. It is very useful. Might i request an option to assign the audition channel (M6) to another output. I see that it flashes on Output 1 indicating that’s the one selected but it may not be aligned with where people might be assigning their monitors.

edit: Just press the channel button!


You should be able to change the preview output channel with the channel buttons.


Why didn’t I even try it! :woozy_face: Thank you!


Hi everyone, I’ve got a stable performance quicksave in v0.3.25 that I don’t want to rebuild if I have to - will I be able to install the latest v0.4.08 and it will work? I read early that quicksave from v0.3. may not initially work … cheers


It probably wouldn’t work or have some not working/misbehaving parts




Thanks for the clarification - I’ll continue to be patient … :+1:t2:


I think I found a bug with Two Bands (may also effect the other Bands units).

In one band, I have an EQ3 followed by a Delay. If I bypass the EQ3, the signal doesn’t pass to the Delay and no signal comes out of the band. I tried adding other units to the band chain and it seemed like only bypassing the left-most unit would cause this issue.

I’m still using 0.4.04 but i didn’t see any fixes related to bands in subsequent versions ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Just to say scope mode in v. .4 is addressing some of my worries about workflow and usability. Thanks and great work, Brian!


I also want to chime in with thanks for all the work on the new update, AND for the SCOPE mode! It really is an amazing accomplishment in terms of design, usability and usefulness. The “birds eye” view was missing from the interface, and the SCOPE provides this in an amazing way. I love how easy it is to see not just the architecture of the whole patch, but also, recalling quick saves from previous sessions, one can easily see what sorts of physical inputs were activated and with what signals… it really was nearly impossible to do that without SCOPE.

Fantastic job @odevices !


Small bug in 0.4.08, I think. Quicksave seems to be reporting incorrect number of units, as there are definitely units in this QS. I also notice OUT3 and OUT4 have colons following the labels, OUT1 and OUT2 do not. Also the QS did not save my channel mute status (not sure if that is a bug or by design). Channel 1 was muted (shift+channel button) when saved, not muted when loaded.

I like the additional info in the QS screen though - first time I’ve seen it! Nice touch. :heart_eyes:


Hi @odevices, i need a little clarification of the bandX units.

I recall somewhere that it’s an average of each slot? Is that why I’m not getting true phase cancellation adding a wave and 180 version togther, and also not getting double the signal level if I have 2 identical oscillators each at amplitude .5?

If this is indeed the case, would you ever consider adding an option in the menu to be a true unity mixer?


Did anyone mention internal routings not being currently saved in presets? I’m not sure about the scope of it but it definitely seems like a bug.

Harder to explain than to just show so I filmed the preset I was working on (unlisted YT):

Oh yes: the same routing is also lost when copying and pasting so that’s probably exactly the same problem.


I believe that you are assuming that all oscillators are in phase. This is not the case. The only case when 2 oscillators are in phase are when you have sync’ed them with the same trigger and they have exactly the same frequency.

As for the mixing of the bands: Each band is scaled by 1/N and summed together where N is the number of bands. Averaging the bands this way means that the output signal will have the same amplitude as the input signal as long as each band has unity gain.


i think i found a bug.
0.4.08 normal 48khz version.
insert this mixer channel preset into a stereo chain,
load whatever sample you want into the manual grains,
try to assign to the speed (or other params) one of the two “pingable scaled random” bespoke units via locals, no way to assign them.
Micro Grainz Kick.unit (8.9 KB)

@odevices it is a known issue?
p.s. i have a clock patched in b1


it is doing this even outside mixer channels, but only on stereo chain.
if i move the unit to a mono chain, no problem.
weird, i never noticed this behaviour before