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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



Hm, I would prefer it as it is now. Seems practical to me that a system always starts at top level. Maybe it’s an issue of how it is programmed to look or what is accessible at top level?


In fact this is related to Accessing sample loading from the top layer of a Custom Unit?
In some setups, what I want to do is mainly load different files in sample players. In this case, I’d love to either have access to sample loading via the to level or having the quicksave loading at the level where the sample players are.


Same thing just happened here, and I have no clue what could have triggered it. Weird…

EDIT: Track 4’s LED was blinking for me; when I clicked that track’s softkey, the rate of the blinking would decrease. I got rid of it by linking tracks 3 + 4 (they weren’t in use), and then unlinking them.


Is it possible to set the default Sample playback mode to One Shot rather than Looping?


If you double click the unit name box thing twice there’s a menu with options for sample playback. One shot, loop, or loop on gate high. Pretty sure its the same for all sample players.


I haven’t tried this yet, but try saving your Sample Unit in a custom unit with your preferred settings. Load this instead of the factory Sample Unit.


Placing a custom unit into a band unit all connections are broken.


Yes, but I wanted to have it set to One Shot _by default _

This is an acceptable workaround, thanks for reminding me.


Minor Cosmetic Bug?

(.4.9) Looks like while bypassing a unit, the rounded unit box header background disappears. On the screenshot it looks white, but on the er-301 it is just black with a slightly greyed out text (in the screenshot “Out 1”).



FYI, the channel LEDs have 4 states:

Channel is… Not muted Muted
Selected on slow blink
Not selected off fast blink



I was wondering if we could extend on this idea and possibly allow multi band outputs in the global space.


(New Mono Chain | New Stereo Chain | Space for Rent)

(New Mono Chain | New Stereo Chain | New Multi Chain)

My reasoning is to allow a Custom Unit source that has interrelated outputs to be freely routed beyond just a 2 channel left and right.

Hmm… Thinking this through, there’s still a problem of routing multiple outputs in the actual chain itself - which the mixer unit already does intuitively Left to Right.


Hey I cant seem to get the gate on the grain stretch to work with the 48 and 96 firmware for v0.4.09

Maybe I am doing something wrong? It seems to work fine on other versions


The Grain Stretch > trig parameter seems to work here :thinking: Do you have any more details?


I can try it again when I get off work to reproduce an error. It appears that in one level down it works but, the top level doesn’t appear to be firing hence no sound. I will take a video and attach it here after I am off work


Does anyone have a compiled list of shortcut commands to date? I took a bit of a break from building on the 301 and see there have been a few updates. Thanks!


This would be a great addition to the wiki ^^^


uploading to youtube to send to you in a direct message


What is an example of a shortcut command?


Shift+ zero to clear out the text when saving is one that comes to mind


been getting some freezes when using 0.4.9 lately. I have a rather CPU heavy set up (70-80%) of a kick, snare, hi hat with a delay and reverb on it (all raw synthesis no samples). what I have noticed is if I bypass the drum unit and then go to select a new input at the beginning of the chain I get a freeze.