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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



Ah I see now. Yes, actually I also agonized over that a bit. There are opposing design goals at work. You want the screen to jump around as little as possible but you also want the patch to be centered around the focused area so that you see as much as context as possible. At the moment, I’m letting the “show as much context as possible” design goal take precedence. It’s an interesting problem. Maybe I can solve it by keeping the centering logic but smoothing out the motions more…


I know that was a subtle thing, but navigating is even more clear than it was before! Must have been an optical illusion of sorts! Thank you!


Honestly, backburner of backburners… it’s super great as it is.

You know I’m just Grampa Simpson… :sunglasses:



Speaking of showing as much as possible. I can also hide branches that do not contain any units or have an input source assigned. I just don’t know how to integrate that option into the scope mode yet. S1-S3 button?


Perhaps a system preference? I can see the scope becoming an invaluable navigation tool while building patches. The ability to jump/nav to an empty parameter’s subchain is tremendous, especially on the big patches being able to skim around, copying and pasting etc. So I like knowing what unit parameters are available at a glance.

Maybe sys pref options could be: basic (hiding unused) and full (as is now), if you decide to even hide them at all.


Is it expected that the “Enable Multi” in the Choose Samples dialog is only present from "Select from Pool -> Load Sample(s) but is missing from the Select from Card Choose Sample dialog?

I notice the former says “Choose Sample(s)” and the latter says “Choose Sample” so perhaps this is a deliberate design choice and I’m missing the difference in context?


It’s not enabled in the unit menu (yet) because the unit is expecting one and only one sample to be assigned. So I just need to go in there and tweak the UX so that it can handle the case of enabling multi select but then forcing it to load the selection as a sample chain.


@Joe Where do your bespoke units sit regarding the new naming conventions, as in what new extension should we assign them?


Bespoke units do not need any renaming. However, there might be Middle Layer changes that need to be propagated…:thinking:

Edit: Actually they seem to be loading fine. Lucky!


Nice! I ran into the sampler issue already, but it looks like it’s been fixed.

Grabbing local outputs is so useful. I created one clock to trigger slices along with the S+H that chooses the slice. No need for globals!

As a heads up, I almost missed the update. I usually wait for the ER-301 Activity Feed for posts, but I caught the Goof Off calendar earlier in the week and made a point to check the forum today,


I am loving the new locals/scope patch navigation view, btw!!!


I’ll announce it there after a day or so. I want to limit the collateral damage in these early days for v0.4.


Installed 0.4.1 while sipping my morning tea. The new locals and the scope view are mind-blowing. Now I can modulate anything with anything without a sweat!


Thank you :pray:


@odevices this really is fantastic, been waiting patiently for the routing options and this looks amazing … quite literally a brilliant birthday present (well tomorrow but I’m not that pedantic)!


This is a very rudimentary question, but: How do I actually patch something into a delay’s feedback path?


You would forget about the delay unit’s built-in feedback path (if any) and patch your own feedback path using any delay unit and a mixer unit. Then you would put your desired feedback processing in the mixer’s subchain.

The scope mode screenshot I posted above shows the patch I just described. First, get used to reading the scope mode view and then it should all become clear naturally. I hope!


Pro tip for everyone: If you tap a signal from somewhere to the left or below (i.e. feedforward) then there is no delay in the connection. If you tap a signal from above or to the right (i.e feedback) then there will be a hard-coded delay of 128 samples.


@odevices I’ve noticed that many VCA names are displayed as “X” even when there’s tons of room. @phonk’s pic is a good example.


Major Kudos Brian,
I just installed to the 301 while reading through this thread. A great step forward for this ever evolving system. Can’t wait to test all the new features although I must admit that I did not fully understand the v0.3. LOL
A side note: I see that the system generates folders for presets like custom unit, chains etc just in the moment when you want to load one of these files for the fist time. Why don’t you let the system build all these folders immediately when formatting the card? This would avoid hand made double folders and scratching head for beginners… :wink:


this might be a good time to add a default level preference for the mixer (-inf, -12, nominal etc) , as a feedback safeguard?