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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



i can confirm getting what looked like a freeze while working at a complex custom unit (i tried to emulate P. Blasser’s “quantussy” which i think is totally possible now with all the new routing possibilities). i’m pretty sure my CPU load meter was about 50-60% when it happened, but when i left the 301 for about 4-5 minutes it unfroze itself!


I thought it might be a cpu /time issue… But if this is the case I wonder if there could be some way to Indicate it?


May I have a copy of the quicksave file please? It will be here


where N is the slot number.

Also, when reporting CPU load related issues, please include information about sample rate (48kHz vs 96kHz) and latency (128smps vs 32smps).


Well, I was really hoping to have the first version of hold mode out before I left to visit family. However, I didn’t make it. So the last release of the year is going to have to be this simple maintenance release. Sorry! :bowing_man:

Happy Holidays to everyone.

v0.4.10 CHANGES

  • FIXED: Units > Header border disappears when bypassing a unit.
  • FIXED: Sample Slicing/Editing View > S1 in slice view should play from the cursor and suppress external triggering and slice selection. Additionally, if in slice navigation mode, then S1 actives the highlighted slice.
  • FIXED: Track|Sample & Hold > Was (still) not saving and restoring its last held value from presets.
  • FIXED: Multi-band Units > Copying a Custom unit into a Multi-band unit will lose of all of its local connections.
  • ENHANCED: Container Unit Name Generation > 3 modes: poet, robot, and off. The ‘robot’ and ‘off’ modes are completely generic while the ‘poet’ mode uses an internal list of English adjectives and nouns to generate a (nonsense) name. Users can override either or both internal lists by creating and populating ‘ER-301/namegen/adjectives.txt’ and/or ‘ER-301/namegen/nouns.txt’. You can also provide a list of names to suppress by creating ‘ER-301/namegen/suppress.txt’. This all applies to Multi-band units also.
  • ENHANCED: Track|Sample & Hold > Added a fader to visualize and manually change the held value.


Thank you for your ongoing work and enhancements - have a nice Holiday and a Happy New Year!


Thanks for all the releases this year Brian, hope you have a safe and happy visit with family.


In updating to .10 today I thought I found a potential bug.

After leaving the unit switched on for about 15-30 seconds when I touch the Encoder the ER-301 reboots.

This happened a few times before I noticed the SD Card wasn’t being mounted correctly and so I reformatted the card and the problem seems to have been fixed.

What might have caused it? Well for one I often just remove the SD Card before powering on the ER-301 and after copying the new firmware I insert the card, switch to Admin and power up. Maybe something in not ejecting it properly contributed?

Anyway, thanks for the New Years gift letting us know that HOLD mode might be in the next version.


I would check the power cable is firmly seated in the back of the ER-301.


After being on for hours now and restarted more than a few times since formatting the card, I no longer have the issue of reboots after touching the encoder. Never removed the module to change the power cable. Thanks for the suggestion though.


You might need to ground your encoder knob, as discussed here: Sudden restart of module


Thank you! Ran into that just recently!


Bug : 0.4.10 on both 48Khz versions, sample and hold fails to load unit when adding it.

Edit also Joe’s unit names not really fitting on my screen:0001


I noticed this issue too and renamed the directory to Joe so things look better.

I would have preferred having them in the root “libs” but the ER-301 apparently requires them to be in a sub-directory.


Ahh ythanks, will do that too. :slight_smile:


Yes, I think this is intended (enhanced even) behaviour:


thanks :slight_smile: Must read more carefully!


I’m not sure I did everything right but I loaded all those bespoke units into libs, but they don’t show up anywhere.

Besides that I’m having a lot of fun with the 0.4.10. I had just one issue where the unit hier ng itself up while loading a sample into the card player, ut I couldn’t recreate the behaviour…


They have to be in a subdirectory of libs.


Will try that. Thanks!


When inserting Sample & Hold unit on a single channel I get the message: Failed to load unit. I does load on a linked stereo channel.