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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



Been gone a little while but just tried updating to the most current firmware (v4.10) from v3.25 but all of my quick saves from v3.25 are not showing up on the quick save page. Really hoping I can use them on this newest firmware version??


Hey, did you try moving them between the different version folders?

edit: relevant post in this thread (scroll up)


yes, giving that a go now and will report back, thx!


Well close but… got a few of the 3.25 quick save to load but now there seems to be no audio passing to the hardware outputs. I have (3) mixer units and the level meters on the mixer units show activity but there is no audio present on the final output meter if you scroll over to the far right?


hmmm from my experience while in the latest 0.4.xx versions the thing is improved, still they don’t translate 100% (and it’s even logical, many things have changed).
they can still be useful as starting point to tweak and align with current version.


Any further information on this?


No luck yet Brian and thanks for asking. Could I send you the quick save take a look?


I was wondering, could we get an option in the variable speed sample player for forward and backward, ping pong looping within the loop points instead of only forward?
so that when you have it set to loop on gate high, it will loop within the set loop points playing forward than backward then forward, etc until gate low?


Yes please.

I’ll see what I can do. It won’t be in v0.4 though.


When inserting Sample & Hold unit on a single channel I get the message: Failed to load unit. I does load on a linked stereo channel.

I run into this as well on 0.4.10 48khz.
I didn’t try loading it to a stereo channel, but I get that message if i try to load the s&h unit.


Would it be in bad taste to ask how things are going? I’m curious as to what you are busy with, Brian :slight_smile:

I understand if it’s too nosy, but I figured asking doesn’t hurt!


Working on hold mode, the bug reports, and front loading the next production phase by ordering all of the things that I will need in the coming months for all 3 modules. And of course, answering emails. Always answering emails. :laughing:


I just assumed it was something like this over there :wink: :


I’ll bet a dollar that’s what you are doing instead of making tutorials :slight_smile:


That’s hold mode, right?


“Y’all hold up” mode :stuck_out_tongue:




Unit wish:
Tape Style Looper (don’t know the exact term).
Like the quick to use Pedal Looper but with additional Speed control.


this is a nice idea.
another wish:
a sound degrading looper and\or sampler.
i mean: when you operate on speed you heavily change sampling frequency also.
can be patched with s&h and oscillators but well, a compact unit might be worth it :smiley:


anyone else unable to load s&h unit anywhere?