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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



ok, thank Brian, I thought I recalled some discussion of it some time back, not not the outcome.


Hey guys, is there a way to rename the Joe’s custom units to something shorter?


You can rename the folder in libs, but if you download Joe’s latest version he’s done it for you :slight_smile:



In the latest iteration (.4.11) i cannot seem to address slices by modulating the ‘slice’ parameter. It’s been a while since i used the 301 for sliced sample playback, so may have overlooked something but failed to see what. Slices placed and so on. Everyone else happily addressing slices of a sample?

Edit: variable speed player is in question.

Edit n:o 2: toggle to play extent - slice to solve my particular problem. Facepalm, have a nice evening everyone!


I have a question about gain and I don’t want to create a new thread just for that, so I’ll ask it here.

Why is gain sometimes represented as ±10, and sometimes as ±10’000? How do I reach an amplitude of 1 with the 10’000 scale?


That ±10,000 gain range is specific to frequency parameters. Since the full range of most signals (input jacks, oscillator outputs, etc.) covers only ±1, then you would need a large gain to cover the full 20kHz range of an oscillator or filter cutoff for example.

Put the knob in FINE mode (with the KNOBMODE button), then hold SHIFT and turn the knob for SUPER FINE. (http://wiki.orthogonaldevices.com/index.php/ER-301/Front_Panel#The_Knob)


You can always set any parameter to 1.0 (or any exact number) by pressing the S2 or S3 button below it to enter the digit entry screen.



thank you! for some reason that huge range made me think that 1:1 wasn’t achieved with the value ‘1’…

Brian, would you like me to write about this in the wiki? I know you’re short on time - I can probably contribute at least a little bit.


Yes please! :bowing_man: I just ask that you expect anything you write might become obsolete at any moment or edited mercilessly.


Dear all, is it wise for a fairly new user to upgrade from the shipped firmware to 0.4?


If you aren’t using it for anything critical (it could contain bugs) then, sure, why not. It’s super easy to go back and forth between firmwares. Take the latest features for a spin.


Just be prepared that you don’t want to go back after trying 0.4.x. :wink:

But honestly: 0.4.x is what you’ll use most often in future, so as @Joe said: if you are not using the ER-301 live use 0.4.x as much as possible to get used to it. (And some users are even using 0.4.x live already.)


Jolly! I’ll jump in then tonight :slight_smile:



Hi Brian, may I inquire whether you have any plans to add different splitting/merging schemes to the bands concept in v0.4.x? Split examples: mid-side encoding from stereo, or a crossover-style spectral split. Merge examples: Mid-side decoding to stereo, or multi-band splayed panning/width.

I just wanted to check before I begin building custom units towards these goals.


I did and it went very well. I havent had problems with the new firmware.


Anyone else having problem with audition outputs? When I preview a sample on Channel 2, the audio from Channel 1 stops completely. Channel 1 is then either blinking fast when not selected, or negative-blinking when it’s selected. Clearing Channel 2 doesn’t get me my audio back in Channel 1. This persists across power cycles when quicksaving.


Yes! Meant to raise it and forgot. I think you can get audio back on the channel by loading another sample and previewing from that channel. Definitely a bug though.


Bug report accepted! Thank you :bowing_man:


I just want to thank everyone for their patience.

After months wrestling with hold mode, trashing two efforts in the process, I think I’m finally getting somewhere with this third attempt. Just a little bit longer!


Thanks for your perseverance. Looking forward to finding out what hold mode will do on the ER-301!