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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



Re-factoring from emergent information is the The Worst. My tummy hurts just thinking about it. Good on you for pushing through.


I experienced a freeze of the 301 a couple of times. Building a custom unit which contains a 4 band custom unit holding feedback looper, grain stretch and VS player ( all sharing the same buffer ). When selecting the inputs on channel 1/2 the unit froze and I had to reboot.


Can I have the quicksave file please?


I’ve sent it to you, thanks


Have to note that after reboot, first selecting inputs and then loading the build seems to work properly


Thank you for the files.

Did each freeze happen after performing the same actions?


Yes, in the same order


But if you load first and then select inputs, you get a freeze every time?


I just tried after reboot to first load the saved build and then selecting inputs. It worked


Darn it.


yeah it’s strange


I was lookinh for a crash log but no…


Approximately how long did you wait before deciding to reboot?


a few minutes, no more response on any button press after that. I’m usually patient with rebooting


The build order was:

  • Channel 1 and 2 into Stereo mode

  • Custom unit

  • 4 band Container

  • Band 1 - Dry signal into VCA

  • Band 2 - create Noise source into mixer-LPF-FBLooper (create 212ms buffer)-VCA

  • Band 3 - create VS player -(select buffer) - VCA

  • Band 4 - create Grainstretch ( select buffer) - VCA

  • create HPF and Limiter after the 4 band container

  • Select inputs on channels


Just thinking out loud btw, but is it in any way possible to allow a button combo press to reboot the 301 if it’s running into trouble? Of course you’re aiming for a stable release so that something like this is avoided. Should the unit however crash, a power down of your complete system isn’t necessary. I was just wondering if such a thing is even possible. I can remember they used to say, don’t use CTRL ALT DEL to many times :slight_smile:


If the ER-301 has crashed AND it is aware of it, then pressing the 3 blue buttons underneath the knob simultaneously should reboot the module. Due to the requirements, it might not always work, for example when the ER-301 is stuck in an infinite loop or a very lengthy process.


Allright! I wasn’t aware of this feature. Thanks!


hmm, another issue here: when creating local controls on a stereo custom unit the signal isn’t recognised by the units in the chain; it says ‘no signal’ when in scope. Flip the channels to mono and then the signal shows, is this known?


The thanks goes to you @odevices! Excited for Hold mode :slightly_smiling_face: