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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



I’ve noticed that if I leave the feedback looper overdubbing at 100% feedback for a while it starts to bias (sorry if I’m not using the correct term) the audio more and more on the positive until it becomes it becomes distorted then inaudible. Anybody else having that issue?


That is because your input signal has a slight bias that will get amplified over time. Try putting a Fixed HPF in front of the looper.


Interesting! Okay, thanks.


Not that any of us know what hold mode actually does though, or did I miss something???


It holds, I think. :nerd_face::point_up:


We are assuming it will be similar to Hold on the ER-101, ie changes to the patch which are made in Hold Mode are not applied immediately.


Nope. I’ve been purposely vague about it.


When it turns out completely different than you intended, it leaves the option of telling us you have masterminded it all along :smile: for better OR for worse! Haha

It’s a good strategy, I do it all the time. In any case, I’m looking forward to it. 0.4 has already been game changing with all the new features, I’m pretty sure the mysterious Hold mode will not disappoint us either.




I’m willing to take that risk if it means not having to deal with you guys while my ideas are vulnerable and under-developed. :smiling_imp:


As @odevices said, the only person who knows is him, though there’s been a fair amount of speculation talk on here. If it stops time completely on gate high, I’d be happy with that :grin:


Ah that’s my dream function. Gate High stops time and I can noodle away in peace without the distractions of every-day life getting in the way! :laughing:


Who us? We’re a bunch of kittens! :cat:


See: cats damaging ER-301 displays :joy_cat:


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Firmware 0.4.11 48k standard latency version

I am not sure if this is a bug or not. It confused me, though. Steps to repro:

  1. Link CH1 and 2 into a stereo chain
  2. Insert a custom container (CC)
  3. Create a custom pitch control on the CC
  4. Insert a Sin Osc into the left subchain of the CC
  5. Make sure CH2 is selected
  6. Attempt to assign the CC’s custom pitch control to the V/oct control of the Sin Osc

It displays “No Signal”. If you press Enter on the custom control, it will return to the previous screen without making an assignment.

Repeat the assignment with CH 1 selected. It works as I’d expect, showing the signal (if present) on the custom control, and pressing enter on the custom control allows it to be assigned.

So it seems like in a multi-channel CC, the custom controls only exist on the first linked channel, I’m thinking? If that’s by design, wonder if there could be some kind of visual cue there.

Also, note that the Sin Osc inserted on the left side is mirrored on the right side. If you delete it, it maintains the mirroring. Same thing the other direction - changes to the right channel are mirrored on the left. Is this the intent, that you wouldn’t be able to have independent left and right signal chains, and that having both left and right buttons/displays at the top of the CC are more for display purposes?


I can confirm that the selected channel should not matter when choosing a local source for a mono destination but that is not the case. I will fix that.

As for your other confusion, there is no left and right sub-chain for a custom container. It is just one stereo chain.


Gotcha - thanks. One stereo chain in a custom container on a linked channel makes sense. Just a matter of understanding, I guess. The left/right terminology and multiple buttons threw me for a minute, but it’s nice to be able to see the output of both channels independently at the top.


sorry people i’ve been a bit out of the game lately, wanted to ask if the fact that the S&H unit can now be loaded only on stereo chains is a known bug?