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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard


I don’t know how to quote but in post number 620, Brian said to have fixed that on v0.4.11



If you highlight the text you’d like to quote, an option to quote within a reply pops up for you :+1:t2:



Thank you! :blush:



I’m using v0.4.11 but I’m not sure if this behavior is specific to any particular version.

When saving a custom unit preset, when I choose “New File” the filename is already populated with an existing filename – which I think is the last preset that was loaded.

That happened to me just now, and when I accidentally hit Enter instead of S1 (backspace) I overwrote my “2Op FM” preset with an LPG :frowning:

I realize it’s my own mistake, and more practice building custom units is probably good for me at this stage… but it seems like “New File” should default to something else – maybe the name in the unit header, or just a blank.



There was no file overwrite confirmation? I thought I had that in there :thinking:



Nope, no confirmation.

To clarify: there’s confirmation when choosing a file with the encoder and saving over it, but none when using the “New File” option.



thanks! but i think i am on 0.4.11!!! gotta check right now!

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sorry,my fault. i thought i’d updated but i didn’t :slight_smile:

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Hello, just want to report that the 6 track recorder glitched while I was recording a patch using stereo linked inputs 1 & 2 on the 301. It happened at around 6 minutes in. There was a loud buzz noise then silence and I had to power off and on the system again and found that my recording was there and the buzz wasnt in the recording but there were some other weird artifacts (much less bothersome than the buzz) at that part of the recording. Not sure if I’m supposed to post this here but figured maybe you’d want to know. thank you :slight_smile:



Sounds more like something else glitched and the 6 track recorder was an innocent bystander. Was there anything else going on in the ER-301?



Nothing else was going on. The loud glitch I heard was not the same as the messy data that plays back on the file that I captured. I was recording a frozen clouds buffer with mangrove doing a melody over it. Nothing too weird in the patch. Thank ya



So just to confirm, you were recording one of the INx inputs and monitoring it at the same time by routing that input to one of the OUTx outputs? The glitch was then heard from the ER-301 output?

Also, for data collection purposes, could you tell me the make and model of your eurorack power?



It was a recording of two channels and yes, that’s what was happening. It’s a doepfer 9u case with a built in power supply



@odevices: As micro systems / pods seem to be growing in popularity how would you feel about a global output volume control within the admin menu (similar to input gain controls)? This would help keep headphone users safe, especially when auditioning samples. Currently they play full volume.

EDIT: Volume control could also allow low output signals to occupy a useful amount of the scope, all the way up to the output.



but it might also be a source of confusion. given there’s no master output i’d prefer to keep things clean and have monitoring control downstream.



how about a specialized unit that you could put at the end of any output chain?

  • though i can see the benefits of a headphone amp (reasonably scaled scope and a safe output limit)
  • i also agree with @hyena that a solution in the admin menu might be somewhat confusing
    maybe even cumbersome
    (e.g. when you want to switch from direct headphone monitoring to a guitar amp,
    i’d like to just have to bypass the headphone amp and the signal could pass in full bloom
    at the flick of a switch…)


On a different matter: clicks and pops keep popping up in the forum,
Mostly concerning manual grains and other sampling techniques. In most cases this has to do with slice points that are not or could not be set (due to dc offsets in the signal) at zero crossings.

Now that always reminds me of a wishful thinking that i had in mind for quite some time.
@odevices: would it be feasible to have a VCA unit with zero crossing detector?
Obviously that would rather benefit patches where a vca unit is the main amp in a given signal chain. Outside the er301 I already had replaced almost all VCAs (with the exception of my first doepfer vca) with the digi VCAs from wmd and I would love to see that solution in my er301 patches…

For those of you who aren‘t already aware of the benefits of such a device:

edit: depending on the additional processing power a zero crossing detector certainly would need and
probably also the amount of latency it would introduce: couldn’t such a solution even help
with sampling and graining techniques when incorporated in those units?
(and i am not supporting the idea as a permanent solution but rather as an option
that could be turned on/off, since we’d certainly would like to keep the pops in a lot of use cases,
where clicks and pops are desirable;)



I have 4 of these WMD Digital VCAs. It’s a lifesaver! A unit like that would be wicked. Could something like this be made in the middle layer?



I haven’t tried, but could you use the bump scanner to do this?



I had to watch it a few times to wrap my head around what it was doing but I think I finally get it. Seems like this could potentially be done as a middle layer unit. I may give it a whirl next time I put my code hat on.