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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



I don’t know how to quote but in post number 620, Brian said to have fixed that on v0.4.11


If you highlight the text you’d like to quote, an option to quote within a reply pops up for you :+1:t2:


Thank you! :blush:


I’m using v0.4.11 but I’m not sure if this behavior is specific to any particular version.

When saving a custom unit preset, when I choose “New File” the filename is already populated with an existing filename – which I think is the last preset that was loaded.

That happened to me just now, and when I accidentally hit Enter instead of S1 (backspace) I overwrote my “2Op FM” preset with an LPG :frowning:

I realize it’s my own mistake, and more practice building custom units is probably good for me at this stage… but it seems like “New File” should default to something else – maybe the name in the unit header, or just a blank.


There was no file overwrite confirmation? I thought I had that in there :thinking:


Nope, no confirmation.

To clarify: there’s confirmation when choosing a file with the encoder and saving over it, but none when using the “New File” option.


thanks! but i think i am on 0.4.11!!! gotta check right now!


sorry,my fault. i thought i’d updated but i didn’t :slight_smile: