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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



I like that hat :star_struck:


I noticed a small UI bug. When going into a sub-chain, if the cursor memory is on a spot between units, where pasting should be possible, if the last time that sub chain was viewed, the paste buffer was empty, when you next enter that sub-chain with something in the paste buffer, the “paste” option is not available above S1 until the cursor is moved with the encoder.





Updated from 4.05 to the latest last night.

Tried the naming protocol below but none of my v3 presets, chains, quicksaves will load. Worth noting that when I give them the right extension they do show up and the 301 makes out it’s loading it, but they don’t.


Were these v0.3.25 presets? Those should load. Earlier ones are not tested.

Also, there is an issue with presets with v0.4.01 to v0.4.11, in that there were too many firmware changes happening to keep backwards compatibility.


Some are (can’t remember which ones) but most were made in prior version to v0.3.25

I made a bunch with 4.05, again I can’t be sure what exactly

So basically I need to start afresh? If I start making a bunch of stuff on .4.11 what are the chances of this happening again?


Yes and that is highly recommended given that those (older) presets could probably be improved now.

Pretty likely but not definite because v0.4.11 is not a stable version. It is getting close though.


ok good to know, thx @odevices :crossed_fingers::metal: