V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard

I could not reproduce this unfortunately.

@rikrak and @adrianf

The Master Fader of a PinSet will interpolate the pinned controls from their initial values, snapped when you focus the Master Fader, to their target values. A Master Fader “loses” its snapshot of the initial values when you focus another fader AND move that other fader. You will see it reset to 0%. If you focus other faders but then come back to the original Master Fader without changing any values then the Master Fader keeps its initial starting values.

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Why does the Master only reset to zero when the other Fader is moved up (positive change) but not when it is moved down?

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Ah, that would be a bug! The Master Fader reset logic is treating pinned controls as if they are Master Faders (which initially can only move up). Sorry about that.


v0.4.14 CHANGES

  • FIXED: Hold Mode > Master faders were reset only on positive movements.
  • FIXED: Hold Mode > Zero (SHIFT+HOME) was not working on pinned controls.
  • FIXED: Hold Mode > Pinned Control > Unpin menu item was not working.
  • FIXED: Hold Mode > Pinned frequency controls were not using log scaling.

In the interest of continuing to cultivate an inclusive community here—I’d say just do your best to investigate if what you’re experiencing is in fact a bug, and if you think it is, make a post :+1:


I’m so excited! Many thanks! Can’t wait to try this

Hold mode is super flexible! Amazing update! At first I thought there should be a “go back to original value” button of sorts on the Pin Sets, but of course you can make your own “original value” in another Pin Set and switch back and forth between pinned values as you please. Very cool indeed.

Some notes from 30 minutes of testing:

  • Unpin from Hold mode (small menu) doesn’t work as intended I believe. The altered value is kept (which is probably good), but the visual representation of the unpinned control stays present in the Pin Set, while the little pin icon does disappear from the actual control in Edit mode. Unpinning from the pop-up menu does work as I think it is supposed to work, as does “unpin all” from Hold mode.
  • Visual glitch in the small menu when focusing on a Master Fader of a Pin Set.
  • Strangely, I’m not getting the same results from the ADSR unit (even though it isn’t listed in the updates?). There is little to no response from a simple gate for level control of an oscillator. Only when I zero out the Attack parameter it will give me an envelope. I recreated the patch in the previous firmware to make sure and all was well there.
  • As already mentioned putting the master controls under CV control or internal control would make them so much more powerful! Is that on the program? I immediately wanted to drag an LFO inside the Master Fader :grimacing: to fade macro controls without having to turn the knob…
  • Adding a Gate custom control to a Clocked Delay unit caused immediate freezes to the ER-301 and I have reproduced the behavior several times. Not every single time however :thinking: Will there be a crash log, @odevices? The one in the root of the sd card has an old crash log I believe from firmware 0.3…
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Personally speaking, I would prefer that a short press on a unit header acted the same way as previous versions. ie - opens the Config menus. Currently a short press doesn’t do anything(?) and having to long press and spin to Config feels a little clunky - specifically because the very first thing I do after inserting, say, a Variable Speed Player, is to turn off Repeat and set Playback from Slice to All. Every time.

Agreed. If you haven’t found a bug, then you still have a question. Better to get it answered than not.


Shift + S3 on unit headers goes straight to config. I think this shift should facilitate a little boost in my muscle memory since it’ll always be in the same spot.

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Heh he…I thought that was some internet culture reference I wasn’t cool enough to get!

…now I’m in the in crowd!

Edit(again)…In the pin menu I cannot seem to access interstitial menu options ie only “pin to new” or cancel. Am I missing something?

Scratch that, I was using SHIFT and long hold to invoke the menu.


Hi all ! Hey @odevices great job !
Possible bugs ?
In v0.4. 14
I cannot open the sample editor
And SHIFT+ZERO does not work…

Me too ! :tired_face:

More details please. Are you unable to get to the Unit Menu?

Holding SHIFT while turning the encoder will in general jump to the beginning or end of a list.

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I think I’m going to swap Replace and Config so that Replace requires the SHIFT, since Config is probably used more often.


Is there a Commit All function planned or hidden away somewhere? Instead of using the Master Fader, I would like to commit all in one go.
EDIT: and since hitting the Commit button when focusing a Master Fader does nothing at the moment, would that be a convenient candidate?

Another thing that may be a bug or expected behavior that I don’t quite understand: when there is a Master Fader at any non-zero value, all previously set values stop responding to the Commit button. If you give the Pinned value a slight nudge, the Master Faders go back to zero and Commiting is back to normal.

I did a cursory check of the ADSR unit and it looks fine…nothing has changed. Are you triggering the ADSR with same length gate in both cases?

How often does it happen? I just added about 3 custom gates to a Clocked Delay unit and no freezing. If there is no crash log message then the ER-301 didn’t get a chance to create one. Sounds like a hard crash, perhaps memory related?

So a number of people have asked about this now. I kind of expected it of course. :wink: I would like to suggest that the “good” way to do this is via the already existing patching methods in Edit Mode. Otherwise, we fall into a never-ending UI spiral!