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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



thanks for clarifying!!! tomorrow is 0.4.01 study day!!!


Ok I have this problem: If I create a chain my local controls get saved in quicksaves, but if I create a custom unit my local controls disappear when I reload it. It happens both with presets and quicksaves. What could it be? Anyone else has this problem? Or is it just me being dumb?


Can confirm, i noticed this with my pre 0.4 custom units… the local controls are broken. I did not yet try to save a new unit.


Please hold off on using custom units. They are being overhauled. :wink:




My god this is fantastic Brian! Sublime


Ha! I was just starting to build custom units for easier access to some parameters. Hopefully they will work again (and better I guess) quite soon… :wink:


I strongly recommend sticking to the stable firmware for gigs and projects with deadlines. :wink:


I strongly recommend only the latest breaking edge alpha firmware for highly experimental approaches in making music. :wink:


Updated to v0.4.01 this morning; noticed that 4 Poly Round Robin played on only one channel The problem was traced to the Count unit where it is unresponsive to firing Trig either from external source (ADDAC Floor Control + sustain pedal) or manually on the local control itself. Digging deeper there is some miscommunication between the Count(Trig) and the Aliasing Saw (f0). I was unable to work around to get the desired behaviour of the custom unit.


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Hmm… it is probably time to rebuild the 4 poly custom unit using the Counter builtin Unit - that wasn’t available at the time 4 poly was first created. I think it will be more stable. I’ll try to do this soon unless someone else wants to.


So, I have been thinking about this and it’s not obvious to me, maybe because I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet. Is there some musical reason you would want this 128 sample delay when feeding back but not forward?


That’s not what I mean by “hard-coded”. I probably should have used the adjective “baked-in”. Musically, you would prefer a 1 sample delay (the minimum possible). However, a frame size of 1 would bring a general-purpose processor like the ARM processor to its knees. So we choose a frame size that balances latency and computational throughput which at the moment sits at 128 samples.


Ah, gotcha. Makes sense!


Cheers for this. Really enjoying using the ER-301.


wow. i just quickly tested scope view and the local sources today. this is incredible… :star_struck:
thank you so much! :pray:


Post #100! How’d I get here so late? Looking forward to this!!!


Love the new routing options! Such a joy for feedback/parallel processing stuff that was a pain before. Can’t wait for the custom unit controls to work again/be updated!


Yeah, the scope is amazing