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V0.4.x Firmware Workout: Goofing off never felt this hard



It’s repeatable here with a quicksave I have been working on since before upgrading (no custom units, just stock, Ch1/2 linked, with Ch3 used for a simple clock function). I can load it (works fine) then save into an empty slot… and when I reload it, Ch3’s units end up in Ch1-2.

If I look carefully at the messages during loading, it seems like the ‘correct’ Ch1-2 chain is loading, then these are replaced by the Channel 3 units.

Tried editing the original quicksave to clear channel 3, saving again to a new slot. But loading that version just gives the result that Ch1/2 is cleared following its chain being loaded.

Let me know if a copy of any of the quicksave files would help!



Sounds awesome @odevices—hope it was a great trip!


scope mode is so great! a real nice way to bounce around menus, incredible!


whoah! this sounds great! (and difficult!) how many km is mt Fuji from the city?
(also glad you’re back to coding ehehhehehe)


Bug (OS: latest as of Sept 10)

If I’ve been working on a session and the global preference for display values is set to ‘actual’, if I flip the system preferece to ‘bias’, only newly created units in the session follow this setting.

Sidenote: it would be great if there was a way to momentarily see the actual (and vise versa) while in the chains without having to flip the global preferences)… ie: holding down the M button instead of pressing it.


I’m having troubles reproducing this one. :slightly_frowning_face: By contextual button, I assume you mean the M button underneath the source for the “Vari-speed Player #1 (V/oct)” sub-chain?


:bowing_man: Many apologies for the quicksave snafu! :bowing_man:

v0.4.03 CHANGES

  • FIXED: Quicksaves > Since v0.4.02, OUTx chains were being restored on top of each other and sometimes in the wrong channel group.


yes Brian, it was an M button, but i wasn’t able to reproduce it either. and after that it all went well.


Tokyo to Mt Fuji (really Lake Yamanakako): 106km with 1842m of climbing
Fujisan Long Ride Event: 126km with 1200m of climbing
Mt Fuji to Tokyo: I took the train :blush:

Getting there was harder then the actual event! Haha.

Well, let me know if happens again. I’ll keep an eye out also.


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
i have to decide if you are a hero or plain crazy :smiley:

well, the 04.03 is working flawlessly!!!
also, the meters problem is now gone (it’s not listed in bugfixes but now meters are working as usual).

question: have you done something to improve cpu efficiency?
yesterday a patch made of chain 1&2 stereo linked with 3 drum synths and chain 3 as granular processor for those was about 66% cpu. today it is about 53!!! yay!!!


I’m constantly making little optimizations here and there which are too small to mention. So, it is possible.

(*) Definitely crazy.


well, more than 13% improvement! i wouldn’t list it as little hehhehe :smiley: i was in fact scared that my new ideas for drum custom units were too heavy to release but now…


What should happen when joining two mono chains to make a stereo chain? :thinking:


Well that’s an excellent question. :slight_smile:

For me it would be fine if the 2nd chain (let’s say, by channel # order) just dropped, or maybe it could offer to save it. The typical situation I run into is I start something a mono chain, then later decide I want to make it stereo. This typically happens on channel 1 and channel 2 is still empty.


on a similar topic:
i just accidentally hit the two buttons together with a stereo chain, hence bringing it back to mono and reading the fatal message “destroying units” ehhehehehehheh

this new way of linking chains is very good and useful but i wonder if it might be better to hide it behind a button combo to avoid situations like this (total user error, but think about a live performance: the probabilities for an accident like this are very high! i often change something on the fly while performing, maybe adding a pingable scaled random here and there, so reloading the chain might not solve the issue…if i can suggest: what about this: shift + one channel mutes, shift + two channels links\unlinks)


I’ve already fixed this for the next release. :wink: I’ll be requiring a confirmation whenever linking/unlinking channels that contain units.


What about a tri-state prompt on the S buttons when going from mono to stereo, when they both contain units?

Which channel chain do you want to keep in the new stereo pair? chain x, chain y, cancel?


that’s great!!


Did custom units disappear entirely, while being a work in progress? I can’t find them in the menu… :thinking:


That matches my observation.