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V0.5.x Release Candidate: Execution Scheduler Redesigned

Both require coding but could be simplified as—

Mid level = Putting Lego bricks together
Low level = 3D printing your own bricks


Low level involves programming DSP primitives in C++. Middle level involves programming Lua to tie those primitives together and create a UI.

With dynamic linking we would be able to create our own DSP primitives. This can greatly simplify some middle layer tasks that are difficult to express as control voltage.


Simplistically, the idea of the “level” of a programming language is based on how far away (or high above) the actual CPU you are. Low level languages (like C++ in this instance) are typically “close to the CPU” and thus faster and more efficient, but are generally harder to use. High level languages (like Lua) are easier to use, but are typically slower and less efficient, as they need to ultimately talk to the CPU through more “layers”.

That was an attempt at explaining that in simple English. Hope it helps.


For geeks of all levels this opens up a huge box of possibilities. I, for one, just started thinking about, when it would be possible to implement Paul Nasca’s Paulstretch algorithms (C++) into er-301 units, i.e. the whole set of them, and have them also at hand for live performances (LUA) - now an SDK for this shows up on the horizon. Only obstacle left then could be the CPU at hand, but Brian is on that too.

Great news. Again and again er-301, er-101, er-102 give proof what can be done in this industry when not being chased by a company’s marketing demands. This is true engineering spirit going forward.

Feeling very grateful for that, I’ll at least go for a bunch of deep diver t-shirts for my children as soon as the international shop is available again)))

Thanks a bunch to Brian for what he already has been handing over to me as a customer - at any pace he might have found appropriate for the task given.


Found a minor bug I think:
When holding down a button on a unit to make the scroll menu appear and then hitting config in the lower display without letting go of the upper button the scroll menu freezes so that it appears in every display.
Not such an issue however since it can be “closed” again by just hitting another button.

This has happened to me to

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Bug report on 0.5.3
The Clock Delay unit does not work with div settings greater than 8 when mult is 1. Similarly div only works up to 17 when mult is 2 - I have not tried with other mult settings. This is does not happen with the Clocked Doppler Delay.

Edit: WOW. Didn’t even know the Delay had a maximum delay setting in the config menu. Apparently a div of 9 pushed the delay over that default 1s. I wonder what other units have settings I’ve been missing :open_mouth:

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I actually ran into that same thing a while ago, I figured I had messed something up. Thanks for the heads up.

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Did the exact convolver get removed from this (or earlier) versions, it doesn’t show up on this one for me.

The Exact Convolution unit is not available in the low latency firmware.

damn ha , didn’t realize I had downloaded that one, thanks!

quiet before the storm?

V5 has been intriguing in that it suggests a lot of cool stuff is just around the corner

Im sure it will give us all a life in spirits to hear a little of what your working on Brian? :slight_smile:

Rest assured that I am working on v0.6.xx as we speak. However, details will have to wait. :bowing_man:


Found two bugs in 0.5.03 related to the multitrack recorder:

  1. ER301 freezes up - to reproduce the problem do as follows:
  • Switch on ER301
  • Select ‘Multitrack recorder’
  • Press ‘Record’
  • Press ‘Stop’
  • Select ‘Save Audio’
  • Press ‘Enter’ on selected folder for saving
  • Press ‘Record’ again … the ER301 will then freeze/lock up and has to be switched off to be able to use again
  1. Sometimes takes a very long time (1 minutes) to start recording (with the grid of LEDs pulsing back & forth) and finally will start recording & then sometimes after waiting it never starts and freezes up. I’ve not found a way to consistently reproduce this.

Some supporting information:

  • I’m using all 12 tracks to record composed of 6 mono & 3 stereo tracks
  • Card read/write speed is:
  • Theoretical max speed: 25 MB/s
  • Actual Read speed: 8.21 MB/s
  • Actual Write speed: 6.32 MB/s
  • Card is: SanDisk Extreme 64GB U3 XC I
  • CPU is at 80%, Used: 11141 KB, Lua: 4071 KB, total: 25600 KB

Just wanted to say that now having 12 tracks in the multitrack recorder is absolutely brilliant and allows me to record my livesets plus the individual stems for later mixing & production work.


How do you setup this please, there is only 6 inputs in the multitrack recorder ?

You can change the number of tracks in the settings menu in the admin mode.

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I am probably missing something basic, but what do you record when you go beyond four tracks. As far as I can tell, there are only four audio inputs. I can record the output from my mixer into a stereo track, for example, through inputs 3 and 4. But once I am recording the four inputs, what would I record in tracks 5+?

The CV ins can generally handle audio as well! Also, you can record the outputs.

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@mosorensen as well as the above you can also record any global chains too! :grinning:


@stolmine and @vcoadsr yeah, that makes sense. Thanks.

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