V0.5.x Release Candidate: Execution Scheduler Redesigned

A handy combo for selecting a CV source could include the M keys and the track keys, where the M keys select the group and the track key select the jack. For example: M2 + T3 would select jack B3.

This would cover most common scenarios, but obviously output from global chains would be more complicated, and likely still a manual selection process

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I’ve just experienced a strange bug.
That’s the simple unit configuration I’ve been using:

3 mono mixers, 2 with variable sample players inside, the first one used for multiple sliced samples and the second one with just one shot kick drum, the third mixer with nothing inside, but used for external audio in…

Anyway, going to the pre amp menu to change pre amp settings, while I push S1-S2-S3 to chose from line/modular/7vpp for the external audio
source, I “generate” a trigger for the second mixer, in this case with that one shot drum sample.
Wow, I’m curious …

where is 0.5.x ? I look on the Firm page and all I see [for latest] is 0.4.27

updated: k I feel dumb as its at the top.


Look at the top of this thread … You will find the firmware links there.

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Changing the pre-amp settings is actually reconfiguring the ADC hardware (i.e. switching from one analog gain stage to another), so it is not unusual that there will be artifacts during the configuration process.

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Feature request: Provide a mechanism for generating random names when creating chains or saving samples / buffers.

I’m not very good at naming things and would love a way to quickly assign unique readable names to things without having to think too hard. My current approach is just picking a random letter since I’m lazy.


the ui is so great for entering names - especially last used stuff - i wonder if there’s a way to set some common things i might use regularly. i like to prefix my items with ‘ono’ to distinguish across modular and synths from presets and other things that i didn’t create. so having a place to shortcut with keys/ui to ‘ono’ would be great. then things like ‘kick’, ‘snare’, ‘loop’. for the 301 i’ve taken to matching my naming to where things are stored on my varigate 8+ since i’m using that and the voltage block as the main controllers in my skiff. i would love to hear more about how folks are naming things themselves. even tags like ‘keep’ or ‘meh’ let’s me scan quickly. related: https://hilton.org.uk/blog/why-naming-things-is-hard

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though personally i’m not a big fan of many ‘shortcuts’ with the er-301 i have the very same ideas, especially when i begin a patch from scratch. over the time i developed certain routines where your general suggestions for an additional set of key words would definitely come in handy.
(in my case they are ‘mop’ (for the distinguishing part) and e.g. ‘in, send, return, sample, clock’ for the routines)

now, there is some kind of a work around for most of the problems you are describing @othernotherone. in fact, though only for certain use cases, it is way more than just a workaround:

  • i tend to rename units/chains/containers directly after insertion. because if i do not, i find myself guessing what it exactly is and does whenever i return to that editing level :joy:
  • the distinguishing business (e.g. ono or mop) is a very handy method. for sharing presets and in places where you want or have to store presets on the same level with factory presets or imported ones.

now the workaround has been stressed several times all over this forum and in context with certain other ‘features’. but i just kept forgetting about it. your post @othernotherone reminded me of it and i finally sat down and began with its implementation… so thanks for reminding me. and for those who, just like me keep forgetting it, or even never heard of it: don’t forget your presets/templates!

this is what i just did (inspired by the reminder).

  • i ejected the sd card from the er-301 and put it into a regular computer
  • i created a folder on the root level called ‘00 QUICKIES’ (below that folder i already have foldernames like 01 LOOPS, 02 ONE SHOTS, 03 OOLONG, 04 INSTR-NOTES-WAVES, 05 SINGLE CYCLE, 06 SUB AUDIO, 09 mopoco_TAKES, which is how i organize my samples, also on the root level of the card…)
  • i thought about my personal routines for patching inside the er-301, the ones for which i would like to have shortcuts in the naming process, and started to create respective presets, which then have the distinguishing part (mop) as well as my categories already built in the name.

reasons why this method is more than just a naming workaround:

  • when we insert units there’s a dedicated knob called ‘presets’ which does remember the last folder no matter where you were on your sd card the last time! (when i’m dealing with community presets i go to my folder 10 USER CREATURES on the root level, where i put all those fine examples of our blessed community)
  • my 00 QUICKIES folder is due to its name at the top of the root list, which is way easier to find:
    no matter where and how deep in the folder structure i was before i can wildly-blindly press the folder up button (m5) until the ui stops at the root level. then i blindly scroll to the top of the list and dive into the quickies (where i will try NOT to create just another folder hierarchy). i find this method to be a very easy and quick access to those templates that i work with on a regular basis
  • i regularly use the i2c units as well as the linear sampling vca, which are at the bottom of the category list. once used they appear at the top under recent. but when i switch the case on i will have to scroll all the way down. finding them directly in my central presets folder helps a bit.
  • we were discussing possibilities to have certain gain levels at 1 when we insert units, instead of the more reasonable and safe 0. now i find my favourite vca flavour (the zero crossing one) directly in my preset central with its gain already set to 1. and this is just one example of individual preferences that can be easily and conveniently solved by creating a respective preset. from the top of my head i could name way more examples for personal best practices (e.g. audio mixers always having an inv sqrt limiter with post gain at -2)

however, and having said all that, i still would like to see the possibility for an individual appendix to the naming/renaming part of the ui. maybe there could be some simple file that we could edit with a regular computer (or even inside the sound computer) with a list of arbitrary words/characters. but where to put it in the ui?
i don’t think it would be good to add that list of words to the upper part where the last used names are residing which i also love. so my first suggestion would be to append that list at the end of that page.
the naming ui would start just where it starts now, with the line for abc etc. there could be a line where the page currently ends (just like the line under the last used names). and below that line the personal naming conventions could be listed…


@mopoco super helpful! i’m playing around with some of your ideas right now. thank you!

Happy birthday V0.5! :partying_face: :smiling_imp:


Yeah, retirement just around the corner

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I have no idea where this past year went… holy crap!


I’ve been working on the ER-301 for over 5 years now. :exploding_head:


Consider yourself a lucky man :laughing:

Honestly, that seems like a reasonably short time to have accomplished this as a one-man band, so yes :exploding_head:


I don’t know if this qualifies as a bug or if anyone else has been experiencing this but I’ve been seeing some strange behavior. I’m on 0.5.03 48khz. I have a couple of unit presets from older versions (0.4.10 and 0.4.11 respectively) that I’ve been trying to update in the UI layer; just adding controls, assigning them to parameters, etc.

The units load in fine and operate as expected. I can also make changes and use the results as expected. They just don’t save, whether I try to overwrite my preset or create new files. The unit from 0.4.10 (a mixer preset) gives a ‘saved to x’ message onscreen but doesn’t appear in the file structure on the 301 or when I check the SD card on a computer. The 0.4.11 unit (a custom unit preset) triggers an error prompt with a ‘failed to save’ message.

The units are attached below. They’re very simple and I can rebuild them no problem so I’m not upset at all. I just wanted to call your attention to the inconsistency of the behavior since it’s been a little puzzling as a user. There’s probably a good chance this was already brought up somewhere and I simply forgot :sweat_smile:.

s+h normaled.unit (3.6 KB)
kick ctrl.unit (11.2 KB)

sounds like you were trying to overwrite a preset in the v0.4/presets folder with a v0.5 version.
did you try to write them to a dedicated folder in the root of your sd card?

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The presets in question happen to live inside the v0.5 preset directory but i’ll give the root a shot. Thanks!

I’ve upgraded v0.5 to stable as of today! The v0.5.04-stable firmware is exactly the same as v0.5.03-unstable. The purpose of v0.5.04 is only to upgrade v0.5.03 to a stable release.

I am now closing this thread but please continue to report problems to the thread for the v0.6 release candidate.

:bowing_man: Thank you everyone for your suggestions and bug reports! :bowing_man: