V0.7.x Progress and Feedback

Some sample related feature ideas:

  • more envelope shapes for manual grains - especially ramps
  • a way to limit the number of voices for manual grains - this might just be the poly sample player though
  • a convenient workflow for sampling into slices OR for sampling into files in a folder without having to manually input the name. These could then be loaded with multiselect. The goal would be to reduce friction when doing sampling tasks like sampling a bunch of different drum sounds. I think someone may have already asked for something similar.

I guess so!
But wasn’t sure if it’s going to be a fresh rewrite so I thought it would be worth mentioning again. Hope you don’t mind.

I don’t know if I ever requested it but similar to the last bullet point I’d love the ability to insert, prepend, and append slices (if I could only have one it would be to append)


Regarding this, maybe addressing the sample browser of the samplers units as a custom control inside a custom unit could be a solution?

When it comes to devices as Manual Grain and Variable Speed Player: the ability to adjusting looping point angle (for more or less glitching) would be awesome.


Great suggestion :wink:

I’d love to see a dedicated unit for some on the spot time stretching functionality. It’d be awesome to punch into a warpy / stuttering time stretch with the ability to refrain from pitching the audio up or down.

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Also, some of the functionalities of the ADDAC 112 would really shine in the ER301, such as being able to scan / morph parameters between two or more preset states!

If memory / ram permitted, it’d be amazing to be able to swap sample files from a pool with pre-saved slice points similar to how the 112 can switch between different sample files within the same project ( i don’t own a 112 and it’s rather late so I’m not sure if this is even a thing ahaha)

Time-stretching is already available in the Grain Stretch and Clocked Stretch units. Or am I misunderstanding the request?

Everyone else: added to the MAYBE list:

  • More envelopes for Manual Grains
  • Streamlined sampling of drums and similar.

This is what the hold mode is already doing albeit in the “ER-301 way”. :sweat_smile:

I would use a VCA to switch between 2 sample players. :thinking: Why is this better?

Hi Brian I hope you’re fine :smile:
I was wondering if it was possible to add some sort of pre-recording volume threshold function as behavior on the multitrack recorder (maybe also in sample units?). I speak as a classic MPC user. I think it’s very convenient to be able to set the inputs and start recording without worrying about setting up a gate or a trigger for this, but record when the input volume exceeds a certain threshold.

I’ve never used an MPC. When does the recording stop?

As soon as the volume drops below the preset threshold (basically a simply gate).
but the threshold volume function is present in most samplers.

This is the MPC screen
Schermata 2022-03-16 alle 06.34.34

as you can see the threshold is set to -48db, naturally must be set to a higher value, so when the highest volume occurs at the input the recording will start automatically, same thing for the stop.

All samplers and multitrack recorders would become much more usable :blush:

That really works? :thinking: Don’t you need some hysteresis between the on threshold and off threshold? Otherwise I’d imagine the the recording will rapidly turn on and off and on and off.

You can ask thousands of rappers if it works or not :smile: it’s a MPC standard, but as I said before in all samplers the function is present.

from manual

Select the Threshold field and set the threshold level
to start the recording.
When the MPC1000 is in the recording enable mode,
it starts the recording automatically when the level
of the incoming source exceeds the threshold level.
If you set the threshold level too high, the MPC1000
may not start the recording when you play the input source, or the beginning of the recording may
be missing. If you set the threshold level too low,
the MPC1000 may start the recording before you
play the external source.

You must know by now that I don’t really care what is in other samplers. I’d prefer to reevaluate from scratch if you don’t mind. :smiling_imp:


I absolutely agree, mine is just an observation based on my usability, more than anything else I have had that machine for more than 15 years :grinning:

in fact, thinking about it I think with a bit of workaround it is possible to implement such a thing with a gate inside the PUNCH chain. For the multitrack, on the other hand, I know not …

Anyway, for my sanity I have to ignore/avoid attempts from people to get me to data-mine product manuals of other companies for ideas on my own stuff.

So lets start over if you don’t mind.

It sounds like you literally want a recording mode that only records when volume is above a threshold, so all silence is omitted from the recording?


exactly, you’re right about the manuals, sorry :frowning: