V0.7.x Progress and Feedback

Oh, interesting. I’ll have to try that. My knowledge doesn’t run as deep as some other users, so I wasn’t aware of any fix for this. Thanks for your assistance!

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Udelay works fine for me, I was having the same issue when triggering slices from a beat and this worked fine

I came to the forum today expecting to have to dig a bit for a solution to this very same issue. Thanks y’all, with Nerdseq firing a triggers in bursts the sample player was having trouble keeping up going through slices. Couple ms solved the issue.

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The symptom for the problem that is solved by uDelay is that the desired slice is triggered on the next gate rather than the current gate. See here for details:

However, Fletch describes:

Sounds like a different problem to me. Hardware latency? Software latency (frame size too big)? Sample not trimmed properly? Envelope response is too slow?

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I’m not sure what the cause is. I often like to load a sample in the Grain Stretch app, and play the sample with a keyboard via the v/oct. when I do this it works decently, but the sample just responds to the keyboard a hair too slowly. It’s not as instant as I would like, and can kind of throw off the vibe of the music at times. I was hoping this would be something you could take a look at for firmware update 0.7. Thanks, Brian.