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V2.xx: ER-102 Firmware Discussion

That is correct.

I’m not in front of my modular at the moment but two requirements for the note display root feature to be enabled:

  • Note display mode must be set in the track configuration screen (i.e. Nt not Nr). Focus-pressing the CV-A or CV-B displays will toggle this.
  • You cannot have cents mode enabled (i.e. CONFIG.INI: note-display = chromatic only).

ah that’s it, i am in cents mode, thanks!

Really excited to start seeing 101/102 updates again!


me too

I’ve installed the new firmware thanks - I’m not sure I understand what this new feature is doing or it’s significance?

Is the idea that if you had a melody in scale in C and then you wanted to transpose this by a semi-tone you would +1 to all the notes and then change this new setting to C.50 so that the new notes would match the correct note names?

Previously, in order for the notes displayed on the ER-101 to match what you hear coming out of your VCO, you would have had to tune your VCO so that 0V produced C0. Now you can tune your VCO to any chromatic pitch and adjust the ER-101 note display to match.


If you tuned your VCO so that 0V corresponds to 27.5Hz (or A0) then you would adjust the ER-101 root display note to 0A.00 to have the note display consist with what you are hearing.


The 1V/oct standard only encodes pitch intervals (or equivalently frequency ratios). This means that 0V could be arbitrarily assigned to any pitch and then after that all the other pitches would be exactly determined. This situation has led to different manufacturer’s assigning different pitches to 0V. Any 1V/oct device with a tuning knob has this “problem” as well as MIDI-to-CV devices and 1V/oct sequencers with chromatic note displays.


Hi Brian,

Thanks, I see. I’ve been tuning my oscillators to C1 to correspond with C0 to keep things simple.

I originally thought the new feature was transposing the selected scale to any root note.

What makes you think this is not possible? :thinking:

:dizzy_face:… Errr… :flushed: not sure. Having that feature would be amazing! I tried to do this via different root tables for the same scale but it makes things really cluttered in terms of the number of tables to scroll through as well as having to use 2 of the 4 characters for the root note in the name.

Ah. A bit of a derp on my part. Sorry in my mind there is tuning the root note which is part of the setup and done once per patch. Then there is key modulation which happens throughout a song and needs to be sequence-able in my opinion. So I wouldn’t do it this way as a parameter in a configuration screen.

Ah, ok, not to worry.

If you have any other ideas on what I described let me know.

there is something off with the trigger output on this firmware, if i set tracks to trigger and use the smallest time, 1 or 2, it skips triggers. around 3 and upwards it doesn’t skip, but the smallest triggers can skip. i just reinstalled the former firmware to compare and it’s definitely not happening there, very tiny spikes with 1 but no skipping.

EDIT: with lowest setting 1 there is actually no trigger output at all. and also they behave differently, eg they sound different to firmwares before, i use only triggers for pinging filters and i just compared two tracks with the newest and an older firmware and somehow the triggers not only skip on low settings but they also sound different than before…i know it’s weird but has the trigger lengths or voltage been changed?

Thank you, @kilchhofer. I was able to reproduce it. Looks like this trigger inconsistency got introduced in v2.14 when I fixed the portato bug for long steps:

FIXED: Incorrect timing info sent from ER-102-to-ER-101 when GATE=DURATION (portato).

I should have it fixed soon.

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thanks brian!

btw the last firmware on my sd card was f9_14.bin…is this a typo and it should read f2_14.bin?

f9_xx are for development releases. It means I gave you a pre-release version.

ah ja you did, thanks for clarifying!

Okay. This should do it, @kilchhofer.


  • FIXED: Inconsistent rendering of triggers (especially when duration < 0.2ms) since v2.14.

f2_18.bin (159.0 KB)


thanks for the fast fix brian, that solved it!

Just a heads-up that the website is showing “Most Recent Firmware” as v2.12 (http://www.orthogonaldevices.com/er-102/) - which is what I’ve been running because I occasionally check that page, but don’t check the forums very often.

Any chance of adding the new features to the manual? I prefer to work from a hard-copy of the pdf.

Thanks for the new firmware though - it was a nice surprise to come across this thread!