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V2.xx: ER-102 Firmware Discussion



Ah, ok, not to worry.

If you have any other ideas on what I described let me know.


there is something off with the trigger output on this firmware, if i set tracks to trigger and use the smallest time, 1 or 2, it skips triggers. around 3 and upwards it doesn’t skip, but the smallest triggers can skip. i just reinstalled the former firmware to compare and it’s definitely not happening there, very tiny spikes with 1 but no skipping.

EDIT: with lowest setting 1 there is actually no trigger output at all. and also they behave differently, eg they sound different to firmwares before, i use only triggers for pinging filters and i just compared two tracks with the newest and an older firmware and somehow the triggers not only skip on low settings but they also sound different than before…i know it’s weird but has the trigger lengths or voltage been changed?


Thank you, @kilchhofer. I was able to reproduce it. Looks like this trigger inconsistency got introduced in v2.14 when I fixed the portato bug for long steps:

FIXED: Incorrect timing info sent from ER-102-to-ER-101 when GATE=DURATION (portato).

I should have it fixed soon.


thanks brian!


btw the last firmware on my sd card was f9_14.bin…is this a typo and it should read f2_14.bin?


f9_xx are for development releases. It means I gave you a pre-release version.


ah ja you did, thanks for clarifying!


Okay. This should do it, @kilchhofer.


  • FIXED: Inconsistent rendering of triggers (especially when duration < 0.2ms) since v2.14.

f2_18.bin (159.0 KB)


thanks for the fast fix brian, that solved it!


Just a heads-up that the website is showing “Most Recent Firmware” as v2.12 (http://www.orthogonaldevices.com/er-102/) - which is what I’ve been running because I occasionally check that page, but don’t check the forums very often.

Any chance of adding the new features to the manual? I prefer to work from a hard-copy of the pdf.

Thanks for the new firmware though - it was a nice surprise to come across this thread!


Hello! Thank you for checking out the ER-102 firmware discussion.

I will be updating the main site soon. The idea is that rapid releases will happen here and if after some time no problems are reported then I make the release official by placing it on the main site. The lack of documentation is another reason why I haven’t placed the newest firmware on the main site. I definitely do plan on updating the manual.


Great news - thanks for the reply.


Hi Brian,

I played another gig at the weekend and suffered with a syncing issue that I am able to replicate back in the studio and wondered if you could take a look into it please?

In short the ER101/102 seems to lose it’s sync with the incoming clock if I focus on the snapshot button and scroll back and forth to another snapshot whilst in ‘hold’ mode, the effect can be quite noticeable if you scroll very quickly when the snapshot is focussed the current running sequence will definitely lose sync (for clarity this is even before I finally load the new snapshot). Unfortunately I found this the hard way a couple of times during my performance when I decided to load a different snapshot that required me to scroll though the snapshots before finally commiting and when I committed at the end of the current track the new sequence, when compared with the drums running at the same time, was quite out of sync.

I ran a simplified test where I compared a simple 4/4 kick pattern from my ‘drum sequencing’ ER101 against my ‘synth sequencing’ ER101 with the same 4/4 pattern and then put the ‘Synth’ ER101 into hold mode and then scrolled around when the snapshot was focussed and the ‘synth’ 4/4 track goes completely out of sync with the kick 4/4 pattern.

The reason I haven’t had this problem before was that I was previously moving systematically from 1 snapshot to the next adjacent one and so didn’t really scroll very far, but this weekend I did scroll back and forth (through indecision) and this is when the sequences began to really go out of sync with each other … so when I did reset both ER101s there was a noticeable ‘reset’ hiccup of the ‘synth’ ER101.

Let me know if you need me to test anything for you or send a copy of my snapshots from both ER101s.

Thanks Phil

Patch notes for simplified test above:
Both ER101s being clocked by Pamela’s New Workout (PNW) sending a x24 clock to both of them.
Both receive the same reset signal from PNW when I send it i.e. after resetting and not ‘snapshot scrolling’ the two 4/4 patterns are perfectly in sync.
Both tracks with their respective 4/4 patterns have a clock multiplication of 2/3.
Running firmware F2_18 on both ER101s


@vcoadsr if you scroll fast through the tables while a sequence is running the same thing happens, i remember i asked brain about this more than a year ago and it seems that’s inevitable…scrolling slowly solves that issue, at least for me.



Thank you for the clear bug report (as always) and my sincerest apologies for ruining your gig. :bowing_man: It looks like SD card access and sync are still interfering with each other. I will look into this right after I have ER-301 V0.3 firmware out.


I totally don’t remember being notified of this issue but that doesn’t mean you didn’t tell me! :bowing_man: Many apologies for not acting on it, yet. I have it on the bug list now, so it will stare at me everyday until I squash it.



This would be great, as always I’m very appreciative of your dedication to the support of your modules so no apology needed - as @kilchhofer mentions if you scroll slowly then this helps ameliorate the problem but obviously in the heat of the moment playing a gig remembering to scroll slowly could slip your mind …

Many thanks, Phil


no problem brian, it was many months ago and i remember you writing me that you can’t do anything about that, or something like it. i absolutely didn’t mean to run you down, apologies!
it’s really just a thing to remember, don’t scroll fast through the lookup tables/snapshots. but of course, if you could fix it then that would be awesome!

EDIT: it seems i have another problem with scrolling through the tables:


@vcoadsr - I do it this way too. Multiple tables with each table being a specific scale with root note. I do it all in C and then adjust at the oscilator.

If you have other ways would be great to know - have been watching Mylar melodies updates based on your set up


You know @vcoadsr you have a considerable amount of knowledge on operating the ER-101/102, might you consider sharing your workflow via a series of video tutorials?


Yeah, I should do something - realistically I won’t have time until the end of the year to do something like this, but will definitely consider doing a few vids.