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V2.xx: ER-102 Firmware Discussion



the problem is more apparent when a step is assigned to a group. I get as well a jitter output on CVB when scrolling fast throu snapshots. (edit: i just noticed that i don’t have the latest frameware…so my coment may not be correct)


there are several really good videos from @odevices and most importantly a incredibly well written manual.


No slighting Brian’s great work on the videos or manuals, but when other people create tutorial materials they often show a previously unconsidered technique or they present in a style that resonates with another side of the audience. It’s kind of like Os at Expert Sleepers, he makes excellent short videos for his modules, but when MylarMelodies makes a tutorial there’s an entertainment value that is just “Ace” and it might be that extra spark of enthusiasm that talks differently to each user that allows us to learn just a bit easier.

Re: Written Manual - there are no better user manuals than those from Brian, although the Rossum Electro-Music manuals for the Control Forge and Morpheus should be right up there too.


I think really rather than call it a tutorial maybe what people might be more interested in is the application of the ER101 for musical uses - if I did some videos it would be more focussed on how I use them :slight_smile:

But Brian’s manuals are really good and I’m still referring to them now even for the ER101/102s - last thing I learnt about two weeks ago (and obviously overlooked previously) was the ‘split’ option when inserting a step - can’t believe I missed it before :blush:


You said it a lot better than I, thanks.


“Research has shown that using the ER-101 may not make your music sound better but it will make you smarter!” -anonymous


A small bump on this one :wink:


A small bump on this one too :wink:


Lol, I saw that coming when trying to find the bug description… still a ways off yet as I’m trying to get a load of tracks produced in January, keep reminding me though!


@odevices hi Brian, have you had time to look at this yet? Thanks, Phil


Thanks for the reminder, Phil. Not yet. I’ll get right on it after I put out ER-301 v0.3.09 firmware.


Could you add the button bounce filtering too?



  • FIXED: Browsing through reference tables or snapshots rapidly would sometimes cause a clock pulse to be missed and hence lose sync.
  • FIXED: While in HOLD mode, pressing COMMIT when the COPY LED is flashing would cause corruption of the sequence and eventually a crash.
  • FIXED: CONFIG.INI:Groups:hold-mod-cv was letting mod CV through when the track gate was low rather than holding it.


This will require updating the firmware of your ER-101 to v2.09.


So update 101+102?




BTW this was the only thread that I saw v2.09 was available for the ER-101. Update both today :slight_smile:


@odevices great stuff!! Thanks as usual for your continued product support - I’ll update and play later today :grinning:


Fantastic update!! no bouncing at all now :slight_smile:

Best sequencer ever, really loving it. I

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