Vactrol Emulation

I try to do it with an envelop follower and the new thrufm modulation of the filter, but i failed to because the segment of the env follower are linear, it will need an exp one.

How are you getting on with this?

6dB per octave roll off on the low pass seems to be what most vactrols/LPGs are doing.

Can you make a falling only slew in the ER-301? Adding that would equate to the “ring” of the vactrol instead of a general slew that also affects the rise time.

Of course envelope shape is important too, you want exponential if possibly to add to that percussive front and ringing back end of the notes.

I’m just thinking out loud after seeing this, I don’t have a 301.

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I can probably guess why you don’t have one… but why don’t you have one? :smiley:

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No time to invest in something like this at the minute. My entire modular existence is making videos and working on some new music/release plans and both of those are heavily limited.

One day maybe!

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I think you would really enjoy it very much, I really do hope you join us one day!!

Just wanted to see if anyone explored this further and had any additional success creating a digital vactrol in the ER-301?

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I was playing around with this a bit last night in a basic form (Skewed Sine Env on VCA and Ladder Filter), and was wondering if anyone else had luck?

I’ve been eyeing the Rabid Elephant Natural Gate, but thought that the 301 might get me quite far in terms of natural sounding plucks, with some organic variance.

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I have the Natural Gate and have tried to emulate this in the ER-301.

I couldn’t find a way to implement it, not really, although it can get fairly close.

I think the reason for this is that Phil at Rabid Elephant has spent 2 years developing the circuitry and has created something truly unique and ground breaking. This is a natural gate, but nothing like any other gate I know of and I have owned a few including the Optomix which franky I found very disappointing, and the also inimitable Terminal (the first one not the new digital one) with the variable envelope shapes within a fixed time frame which I would highly recommend - although it is big and expensive.

There are two issues, one, the three modes in the NG are very finely tuned - I mean ridiculously so - the term over-engineered is totally applicable here. If I remember correctly there are 360 components in the NG - which is ridiculous for a gate - you could probably do something very nice in a third of that!

The second is the memory effect - this emulates hitting something repeatedly - imagine a drum skin for example, if you hit it once and let it completely finish resonating before hitting it again the result is different from hitting it again before it has stopped resonating.

Quite how Phil has done this, I don’t know, and I can’t think of any way to recreate this in the ER-301 - or actually using any technology - even in a free programming environment this is going to be tough to get right.

The closest I know is the ‘red’ vactrol mode in MI Streams - but even this excellent implementation that to my ears sounds every bit as good as the Optomix and in many ways better, is still not a patch on the NG.

In short, if you want the Natural Gate - support Rabid Elephant and buy a Natural Gate - there really is nothing like it :slight_smile:


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