Valhalla Reverb Poll (Result: Not happening.)


As you or may not know, Sean Costello at Valhalla DSP currently not only offers fantastic verbs for DAWs, but also has some awesome verb programs for the Tip Top Audio ZDSP platform. (it’s why i have six ZDSP modules!)

It would be a dream to have some of his verbs on the ER-301 so this is a poll to see who’d be willing to pay for them.

If we have enough, maybe that would get him interested in porting the Halls of Valhalla or Shimmer programs :slight_smile:

I know the ZDSP cartridges are $75USD, but that’s including a hardware element. So who knows if it would be the same or a little less (I’m just guessing).

So - if anyone would pay for specialized algorithms from Valhalla reply to this thread with a yes! In a week or so I’ll forward him a link to here so he can see if there’s interest.

Me: YES!

@odevices, if this is going against the spirit of unit development, I’ll pull this post right away!!


A simple YES won’t do…the forum wants a complete sentence. So I’ll reiterate my resounding YES!

I don’t think it’s possible since TipTop owns rights for those algorithms, so you better off mailing TipTop

I’m pretty sure ZDSP specific algs are retweaked versions of verbs he had long before they existed for that platform IE: The Shimmer program

They’ve existed as AU/VST/RTAS/AAX for a while.

It could be ANY verb from him - they’re all amazing.


Yes, wouldn’t that be perfect :slight_smile:

Definite YES from me - I own two Z-DSPs because of the Shimmer and Halls of Valhalla cards so having a version of these or something like his Valhalla Vintage Verb VSTs would be awesome!!

YES! As long as it not more expensive than the plugin cost (50 dollars). :stuck_out_tongue:

I would definitely be honored to have Sean Costello release a unit (or more) for the ER-301. For the record, I also have absolutely no problem with people charging money for whatever they create using the upcoming ER-301 SDK. I might even be able to provide a mechanism that allows 3rd party plugins/units to check the serial number of the ER-301 that it is being run on to see if it has been authorized for that device or not.

Edit: Ah we are in luck. There is no outwardly accessible serial number in the CPU but there is a unique MAC address burnt into each CPU that can be used for uniquely identifying each ER-301.

Big brother is watching you! :cop:


With that in mind, would a potential unit still be tied to the 301 or the actual CPU daughterboard? What would happen if the board failed?

Well, that should be a rare occurrence and moving your authorization to a new CPU board should be considered business-as-usual.


Totally into this - a huge YES from me too - thanks for taking the initiative and starting this :smiley:


yes absolutely!!!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Hello all, first post.

I don’t own an ER-301 yet, but from everything I’ve seen I’m extremely impressed, so hopefully that will be changing soon.

The Valhalla reverbs inside the ER-301 (assuming the $50-$75 US price point) would be pretty much a no brainier for me, and would be yet another great selling point.


A resounding yes.
In the meantime if you’d care to lend me a ZDSP I’d be more than happy to nurture it. I feel confident you could manage with 5 for a while :wink:


I own two of Sean’s plug ins (Room and Plate) and they both sound amazing. I would absolutely pay to have either in my rack. So YES.

Also, six ZDSP? You crazy bastard!

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Yes, absolutely! Valhalla algorithms are by far my favorites.

It would be interesting to see how much of the processor’s resources would be used by running something like this.

I would absolutely buy this. Would be nice if there were a range of fidelity options to let the patcher choose to trade verb quality or CV-ability for instance count.