Variable Sample Player questions

This is my first post here. I am using v0.3.25 firmware. Having inserted 12 slices in a sample I can’t figure out how to get my sequencer to trigger specific slices. I have selected 12 TET. I assume it is something to do with gain / bias but right now I am getting random triggering of one or two slices only. Secondly, I can’t zoom in horizontally even though I am holding M6 and turning the knob. Thanks in advance for any pointers.

Hello and welcome!

If you want to use 12TET and have your slices map to semitones (i.e. notes on a chromatic scale) then you should set the gain to 1.0. I need more information about what your sequencer is providing for a signal to give any more direction. I can add that a lot a people get hung up on the timing of the slice selection CV vs the trigger. Most sequencers output the trigger a few milliseconds before the sequencer’s output CV has properly settled to its final target value. The typical solution in the context of the ER-301 is to insert a uDelay unit in the trigger sub-chain set to about 2-4ms.

For v0.3.25 and on, zooming in the sample editor/slicing view is done with the KNOBMODE button:


Notice the vertical and horizontal arrows underneath fine and coarse. Press and release the KNOBMODE button to select between horizontal and vertical zooming. Hold the KNOBMODE button and turn the knob to zoom.

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Thanks Brian. I’m using the Winter Modular Eleoquencer. Looks like bias 0 works.

Just changing the bias worked? You shouldn’t have random slice selection from using a non-zero bias…it should just offset your slice selection.

I set the gain to 1.0 and the bias to 0

Does anyone know how to make use of the loop brackets within the Variable Sample Player? Setting the brackets is clear enough, but it’s not clear to me how to actually use them.

Loops are owned by their respective slice. So, if

  • Play Extent is set to ‘slice’
  • Play Duration is set to ‘loop on gate hi’

then the looped section of each slice will be played repeatedly (like a sustained note) as long as you hold ‘gate’ control high.

Thanks, Brian. I’ll give that a shot when I get home.