Variable Speed Player | Slices playback mode with incoming triggers

Ciao a tutti:)
I have a Variable Sample Player.
I divide it into 5 or more slices.
I simply need the playhead progress normally from the first to the last slice (1, 2, 3, ecc…) at each trig / gate. (es. slices are played sequentially from left to right)

How do I set all the parameters?

  1. Slice (gain / bias)
  2. Shift (gain / bias)
  3. Play Extent (I believe SLICE is correct)
  4. CV-to-Slice Mapping?
  5. Slice Polarity?

In my scenario I use a simple square wave (10vpp) as an impulse for the GATE and I would like to use the same impulse to advance the playhead.
On ERICA DRUM SAMPLE it is very simple. It starts from a GATE / TRIG and then you choose a playback method.

Sorry if the question may seem stupid or already repeated. I searched through the forum but I don’t think I found anything.

Thanks in advance

This feature is not available in the slice-aware players and I’m not sure it ever will. Perhaps in the future this kind of thing will get its own sample player unit. For now I recommend using a sequencer or experimenting with the Counter unit.


Hi Brian @odevices
solved simply by using a Sequencer + Quantizer in 12TET mode☺️.

in this case I used Voltage Block choosing the direction (fwd | rwd | random | pendulum)



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are you aware of the recent cue mode?
it was introduced in v0.5.01.
it’s not exactly progressing

though it might yield the same effect, i.e. playing through the whole sliced up sample from left to right.
you then only have to trigger the slice that you want to begin with (and not the following ones, too). and if you set the player to ‘gate’ then you can determine the overall sample length with the gate length you
feed in (regardless of the slices that come after the beginning one). may i ask which sequencer you are using?

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Actually I still have the stable firmware version (v0.4.27). I didn’t know whether to update yet. I will do it! Thanks!

I usually use voltage block or a z8000 with a quantizer but in the video above I used something different.
First I setup some multi samples with 12TET mode and then I sent some CV in random mode through a Max for Live’s LFO from Reaktor’s Curve Sequencer.

The gate is simply sent by Ornament & Crime in CAPTAINMidi mode on Hemisphere firmware.

i see. then, i’m pretty sure you’ll appreciate those looped and/or gated ‘cues’ in the 0.5.x version of the firmware.
(and since it’s easy as eff to switch between firmware versions…)
love that weird instagrammatic of yours. and i’m curious what you’ll come up with
the new firmware :slight_smile:

infinite thanks :pray:
I’ll try the new firmware! :relaxed: