Varigate 8+ Loop Mangler question

Hello everybody, I’m new to the world of the ER-301 and I’ve been quietly stalking the forum for a while, trying to take in as much as possible. It’s an amazing journey and I love it here!

I have a question about using the ER-301 and the Varigate together. So this setup is a very basic drum loop mangler. basically just sending triggers from the Varigate and modulating the slices with the CV output.
However, it seems like the the CV is always one step ahead of the trigger. Meaning that the in case of a 16 step sequence, the 16th step of the CV will set the slice of the 1st trigger as opposed to 1st trig - 1st slice. I can’t figure out wether this is a Varigate issue, or an ER-301 latency issue. Any help would be much appreciated. Could not find anything on this topic anywhere. I did reset and recalibrate the Varigate just in case.


I believe this is the behavior of the 301. You just need to use a delay on the gate/trigger. The uDelay unit is perfect for that (the V8+ has built in gate delay if you prefer to go that route).

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That worked! thank’s so much :upside_down_face: Just out of curiosity: is there a specific reason for this, or just latency/ limitation of the cpu? because only 0.2ms does the trick and that seems very insignificant

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This behavior is not specific to the 301. It has to do with the cv/gate sequencer outputting the gate signal before the CV has settled to the final voltage value (this is a common behavior in modular). This image illustrates what’s happening (and was sent to me by Brian).