Varispeed Player – CVing Slices

I know that Brian is not focusing on Sample units right now, but today I took a closer look at the Varispeed Sample Player – and I’m wondering why I can step through a list of the slices in the slice menu, but not CV directly through this list. Is there a reason that there’s no option for the slices fader to show the number of slices as integers, so I can clearly jump to slice 3 or 7 or 21 via this fader? (I know I can, but it shows values between 0 and 1, not the number of slices.)

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That fader controls the bias that you are adding to the slice modulation CV. Controlling things via modulation (especially external modulation) takes precedence in the ER-301 design.

Perhaps I can eventually add a display of the current active slice and selected slice. For now, I think the contextual display might be useful?


I‘d love to see that some shiny day!
Displaying active slice next to number of all slices might further
Improve the ui:


It is a problem to think about since screen real estate is a scarce resource especially in the main display where many functions are battling for your attention.

FYI, the active slice is shown here:

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Thanks. I think it would be way more transparent if we could see the slice number (instead of a value between 0 an1) while setting gain and bias for the Slice Select parameter. That’s why the contextual display doesn’t help here, because it shows either the list of slices OR gain/bias.

Yes. I know. That’s why I specifically said “For now…” :wink: