Varispeed Player does not play a particular WAV file

Can someone help figure out why this is happening? I just got a 301, and I’ve loaded a few folders of .wav files into the front SD card. There is one folder of files that won’t play back on the variable speed unit specifically. The samples play when previewed in the menu of the 301 and they work on other playback units, but when I load a Vari-speed player into an empty chain with speed set to 1, I get silence. Apologies if this has been asked before, I couldn’t find anything with a brief search.

If you send me an example WAV file, I can try it out for you.

Thanks, Brian. Does this work?

This WAV file has 2 cues defined (embedded in the file) which are both set at sample 0. The ER-301 imports these cues as slices, puts the Varispeed Player in slice playback mode (Play Extent = slice) and attempts to play the zero-length slice.

Your options are:

  • Set the Play Extent option to all in the Varispeed Player’s configuration screen.
  • Delete the slices in the ER-301 slice editor.
  • Delete the cues that are embedded in the WAV file and then make sure to delete the *.slc file that the ER-301 created to keep track of slices.

Glorious, thank you, Brian! I will try tonight :slight_smile: It’s been fun getting started with this thing!