VariSpeed Player: Precise (to the sample) loop point

Is it possible (and if so how) to dial in exact loop points with the varispeed player? Thing is, I have a sample that I x-fade looped myself elsewhere, and need to dial in those exact positions to avoid clicks.

Sorry if it’s obvious or already covered.

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iirc the max resolution is not 1 sample as of now, don’t remember if its one block (128 samples) or less.

Are you zoomed all the way in?

The current smallest step that you can move the cursor when you are zoomed all the way in (i.e. showing 1024 samples of audio) is exactly 8 samples. There is also the goto ZC function on the M5 button which will bump the cursor to the nearest zero-crossing.

(This sample’s rate is 44.1kHz, so 1024 samples is 23.2ms.)

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Thanks alot. 8 samples and nearest zero crossing should be enough, I think I can make the loop starts on a zero crossing

I’m away from the case right now, but I couldn’t figure out how to zoom AND edit loop points at the same time, could you provide a hint here?

While we’re talking about the looping, I didn’t really get what happened with the loop when increasing the fade. It seemed as if it only affected the beginning of the loop, making a sudden jump to 0 gain and then fading in. Would it be possible to make fade an x-fade for the loop, then everything could be keeps in software. I realize it’s not trivial to implement a xfade loop (I did my own in python + linux utils), but it would be totally awesome to have inside the varispeed player (and other looping sample players on the er-301). Sorry for the OT feature request thrown in here…

aaargh, well i was close, just 120 samples :smiley:

Ok, got it now!

I x-faded the sample elsewhere and dialed in the loop points from sample position in time, had to nudge the end over the next cycle to get it smooth.

Found that zooming in loop editor is via “fine/coarse”.

Thanks for the suggestions!