VC Switch Randomizer

I have used the A/B switch and was hoping someone has a solution for taking 4 inputs and having a gate randomize which one is active. Im guessing a clocked sample and hold to trigger but, I am unsure how to route the rest. Thanks!

Create four mixers, gate each output with a VCA and control the level with a bump scanner. Route the sample and hold into each bump scanner and tune the scanner to only open when the voltage is in a certain range et voila!

edit: for the bump scanner values you want all four to cover the range [0, 1]. So one goes from [0, .25), the next [.25, .5), [.5, .75), and finally [.75, 1]. They take a center and range though, so for the first one you would center at .125 and use a range of .25 etc.

Then run it at audio rate and lmk what kinda cool noise you make ha

Edit2: I was mistaken about the range, it actually would be .25



it sure would be nice if you could share such a thing ! It feels over my head to build…

Sure thing, I just put it together I’ll upload the unit later today

Here you go! I added an outer gate control to trigger the S&h, slew limiters to prevent clicking, and individual slice selectors. s&h-switch.unit (47.5 KB)

Quick demo video:


Very kind, thank you !