VCA level is noisy when using a controller through a ES FH-1

I find the VCA to be noisy when raising the level with a launch controller through a ES FH-1.

That is probably because the controller signal is noisy. You could try a Deadband Filter unit:

or a Slew Limiter unit depending on the type of noise you are experiencing.

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Oh and you might want to check out the output smoothing setting on your FH-1.

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Thanks. The filter did not do much. Checking out the smoothing on FH1.
I asked how to do it on MUFF but Ill ask here to if it is ok?

  • I programmed on of the pots on the Launchcontrol to the cc 64 but the FH1 is not receiving/sending on any channel.
    I have a FH1 with one FHX-1.

FH1 is by default receiving contemporarily different kind of midi messages and outputting them to relative outputs.
regarding midi cc it is by default mapped to 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 (iirc, if not its 0,1,2,3,4 etc…)
of course if you read your manual and the available documentation you’ll find out you can remap those outs to whatever midi cc you prefer with a very simple script.

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will not touch the script stuff, cant get my head around it…
from muff: “You just set CCs 64-71 with the desired amount of smoothing for each output. If it’s not convenient to do that directly from the Linnstrument, use a MIDI controller or computer to do it, and save the smoothing settings as a preset on the FH-1.” and “You don’t have to use scripting for this. Just send the appropriate CCs as mentioned above.”
So apparently u dont have to use scripts… but I can´t get it to work

Sorry for the FH1 stuff. Will come back with more information if any luck on the muff. page
Thank you

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oh yes, if you set your controller accordingly to the fh1 specifications you don’t need no scripts at all!
but usually cc 64 will land on the 8th output of the th7 fhx1 expander in a monster 64 outs configuration if i recall correctly.
thats what i was saying, the fh-1 (first module in whatever expandable configuration) has default ccs for its 8 outs mapped to cc 1,2,3…8 (or 0,1,2…7, really cant remember right now), then they proceed like that (9,10,11…16) on the first expander and so on and so on (this last sentence i uttered with slavoj zizek voice :smiley: )

So i got an answer from Os over at muff Expert sleepers.
He says: “You need to send one CC to enable smoothing, and another CC to actually generate a signal to smooth.”
So that is not an option.