Very noobish stereo questions

Hey guys,

after having the ER-301 for a while, I finally have some time to actually learn it. So far, I seem to understand the basic structure, but am not fully understanding how to route signals in stereo chains properly. It would be great if you could explain it a bit, even though the answers might be hidden somewhere in this forum already (I couldn’t find them). Also, Im currently running 0.4.08.

  1. I would like to use the ER-301 as a mixer for a small case. Combining and panning it’s internal sources with external signals. So I added a couple of mixer units in a stereo chain and defined external inputs. Is it correct that when I want to insert external mono sources in this stereo mix, I always have to double the input? So e.g. define Input 1 for both left and right? It kinda feels weird. I would have expected that mono signals would simply be centered inside the stereo field.

  2. What is the “best” or “popular” way to combine all four ER-301 tracks into a stereo output, e.g. outputs 1 & 2? Do you simple keep every chain and unit inside the first pair of tracks, or do you route tracks 3 & 4 into 1 & 2, or is this where the global chain comes into play? Examples would be nice.

As you see, I’m very much at the beginning of this :slight_smile:
Thanks for your help.

Duplicating a mono signal on the left and right channels is the same as “centering a mono signal in a stereo field”. On a mixer, typically when you plug a mono line signal in to the left channel it will normal the signal to the right channel. If you want to break the normalization then you have to insert a dummy cable. Duplicating this behavior on the ER-301 would be awkward I think, so I opted for no normalizations and requiring the user to make each required connection intentionally.

I think the most popular method is to just have a series of Mixer units in OUT1+OUT2. Inside the source chooser of the Mixer units, you have access to every jack including the OUTx output jacks. So it gives you all the mixing flexibility that you need. I might be wrong about it being the most popular though and I encourage others to join with their favorite way.


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Thank you so much for the fast reply and helping me understand things. I will try out routing the outs into another mixer right now.

Yep, that’s my preferred way.


mine too.
i often end up with something like 8 sources on a single chain, with static or modulated pan on each of those, for a rich sound stage.

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Also what I’m doing. The cool thing about this method also is that you keep the OUTx jacks as physical “dry” signals (not mixed with the others) so you can solo voices and modulate the mix in different ways (not only inside the main channel with the mixer channels).


I personally find this not my typical use case. I always want a mono channel sent to both Left & Right and from there I can pan within the mixer unit. I’d rather it did this by default. The worst that can happen then is that I have to go through the series of button presses to undo that combination… which to date is a scenario that I’ve never wanted (I could just hard pan it in the mixer if I really want a signal on the Left only channel).

What do others think?