Video Synth!

This has nothing to do with modules - but thought it was a fascinating glimpse into a world I know nothing about!


I really love stuff like this. Slightly unrelated, but it reminds me of the NASA team behind the Voyager mission:

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MIT should give David Sieg a spot in one of its countless basement labs and a class to teach.

thanks, i love this! looks like an incredible machine, i wonder how different it is to todays video synths like LZX industries.

not really related but the REAL analog way is certainly this:


Amazing - I really have very strong feelings about “things that can be fixed”. I hate throwing things away and avoid it wherever possible.

I think you will know more about this stuff than you realise @NeilParfitt many of the principles are the same as audio :slight_smile:

and yes… one day I would love to build LZX stuff - loads of fun!

Thanks for sharing!

Hahahaha! Check their website…


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I was thinking this guy needs an apprentice!