Visual Clarity of Subscreen on chart menus *wishlist*

Hi Brian,

Thought I’d throw this one out there again, as this is literally the only menu that continues to trip me up.:face_with_head_bandage::flushed:

I don’t know if it’s the 2 x 3 grid along with 2 x 3 buttons underneath fooling my brain into always initially thinking the top row (in below pic) is the current set of options… but yeah. Derp!

I’m wondering if you’d ever consider having these options follow the same visual consistency of other header submenus and the unit selection screen, where the active option/row are highlighted, and none-active options would be displayed with a dimmer brightness. Then when pressing shift, the highlit row would jump up to the top.

here’s my crude example (ignoring the text) and imagining the Load/Save/Replace and Bypass/Delete/Config remain where they are in both pictures.




Unfortunately the subscreen is only 1-bit. I’ll definitely visit that menu again at some point and try to make the shift behavior more obvious.


ah does that mean either on or off pixels?

something like this perhaps?