Visual feedback from LED when looper is "punched" - ideas will be appreciated :)

Hey guys!

I’m trying to figure out a way of having visual feedback on whether the Looper has “punch” enabled or not - for use in a live scenario.

I’ve put an LED into OUT 3 and I’m “punching” with a trig/gate from Pressure Points (looper is on OUT 1 & 2).

As the outputs are AC-coupled, I just need to send some random audio/noise to OUT3 when enabling “punch”, and the other way around: kill the audio-stream/noise when triggering PP again and thereby disabling “punch”.

I’m thinking that some kind of trigger-enabled switch would do the trick, but can’t find any in the ER-301 so far.

Can any of you geniuses think of a possible way to solve this?

:pray: thanks!

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Stack cable with one of these:


hey Kel!

Thanks for your answer! thats exactly what I put in OUT 3 - I’m looking for a way to make it light only when punch is enabled, so I can see when I’m recording :slight_smile:

It should be noted that PP is only sending a short gate, like a trig - so stackcable wouldnt work i think.?

Any suggestion on this?

Ahh right, yeah, so a bit more electronics is required to do it this way, you would need a simple flip/flop circuit, probably a bit much to have floating around.

Can’t think of anything else off the top of my head :slight_smile:

ok, appreciate it anyways! Would like to find a solution from inside the ER-301 as space is definitely sparse for me…!

I’ve been using a Softwire touch pad module for this very purpose. You can have up to 4 touch pads behave with the led toggle… and the pads function as the Punch in/out control.

Oops - and just saw the “space is sparse” never mind :slight_smile:

If you had a “dummy” looper / buffer set (with Silence and set to overlay no new signal)… you could could punch in/out to get a lo / hi cv state that would be syncronized with the other audio looper punch state.

You’d just have to set the trigger state of both loopers correctly so the cv light matches the actual audio looper’s punch state, and the dummy looper would need a high cv signal source to pass or block.

I think that would work - I’m still away and without modular - 3 weeks! Ahh!

was thinking a 1u toggle like this would be effective