Visualizing a patch

Hey folks,
I love the scope view, but is there a software out there that can visualize a complete patch, maybe as a PDF? The display is too limited to see the whole beauty and add an overview of all the current parameters of each unit in a patch, so maybe there is an easy way, to generate an overview file to be viewed on a larger screen? This would be great for understanding and learning faster and easier from patches and custom units.
Or maybe a OSX app that converts the files?


Oh yes, that would be awesome for learning and documentation!

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Yes, maybe related, but I was thinking about a more detailed visual represantation of a path including curret parameter values etc…


All the information is there in the preset files (as a big Lua table) but it would be a substantial project to render it in a useful way to a standard viewer format like PDF. Luckily, there is a Lua library for creating PDFs. Perhaps, an enterprising individual could take a crack at it?