Volume control question

Hi, Im hoping someone with a bit more knowledge could guide me.

So I’m using the 301 as a sample mangler, i have sample players/manual grains in their own mix units and I’m using linear vca units within each mix unit to control volume of each one manually with external control from a quadratt.

What I’m finding is that with linear vca at 0 I’m still getting faint volume of each sample coming out the master. only when i bypass the units do they go silent.

Am i doing this wrong, is there a better way to externally control volume within the module than I’m currently doing.

Im using latest stable firmware release for this as its for live use and will be coming out some big PA’s so I’m worried that the faint sound will start to be a problem.

Hello! Have a look at this thread:

Brilliant thanks and sorry for doubling up! Ill give that a go later today!