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Want to buy ER-101 Used

Hello I want to buy an ER-101, I’m located in Italy. I only accept Paypal :slight_smile:

@odevices I would also buy it as new, but I guess your international shop will stay closed still for a while. Do you accept order for Japan ? what if I use Tenso.com ? If I got how it works, you should be able to send it to a Japanese address in Tokyo and then they will manage to send the parcel to me !

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The Tenso.com homepage can be displayed in English. Click on the Japanese writing to the right of the green button in the upper righthand corner. Here’s the result: https://www.tenso.com/en

@zengomi thx for the answer! But this is not the problem, I already have an account on Tenso and they’re veryifing my ID in order do dispatch orders towards my address. I was asking Brian if using Tenso could be a solution to avoid the troubles that would occur because of Covid19 with his “normal shipping procedure”. I don’t really know the reasons why the international shop is closed and this is why I asked :slight_smile:

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Good luck!