Want to use CV to select "bank" of samples

I want to trigger drum samples in the ER-301 from StolperBeats but I want to be able to play a one-hour set non-stop without having to load new patches in order to change sounds.
I was thinking to use my Polyend Preset to supply CV to select which sample is triggered by each of the trigger inputs. Am I right in thinking that the only way to do this is to put all of my kicks in one sample, snares in another etc. and then use CV to select the slice that each is playing at any given time or is there a better way to do it now?
Would be great to be able to specify a drum map in groups of 6 notes giving two “kits” per each octave and then just CV to set an overall pitch offset.

that’s how I’d do it to keep CPU overhead and simplicity to a minimum. Single sampler player per kick, snare etc… CV addressed Slice.

Just to double check, can the ER-301 read standard wav markers for slices of the kind that Audacity or Logic is able to insert (in the same way that Morphagene can)?

I think ocenaudio (it’s free) will work for setting readable markers.
Does anyone know which way would be most efficient(cpu-wise) for this drum programming ?
-one long sample chain ?
-or multiple samplers with shorter sample chains / or ??
-Is there a er301 patch that simplifies the ability of switching through "banks " ?
Im trying to wrap my head around it myself…

-kinda like doing program change messages into an akai sampler or a rompler…

So how about general midi - type sampler for the er301 ? Would that be possible ?
Any sound/sample mangler/mashers here ?