Wanted: Two-way Teletype integration (ER-301 --> TT) + TT code modification

This is a Bounty Hunter break-out thread, to discuss the development of an additional Teletype integration unit + a modification of the TT code.

This project has been submitted by @joe who moved the funds that were raised for the Shards project he so gracefully completed to the new TT project.

This is what Joe had to say about the unit he would love to see completed in the ER-301.

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The Wanted list has been updated and this project is now open for discussion and available for sponsorship, as outlined on the same page on the hub.


I’m still game for making the simple TT firmware modifications needed for a OP to poll the values from ER-301.


Wow, brilliant idea, This would be a game changer for the entire i2c ecosystem!

While interesting, I have trouble envisioning how I would use it. In general, I use TT/crow for synchronization and Er301 for sound generation. I haven’t ever been building a patch and thought ‘man I wish I could poll TT for something’…I would just send the value from TT to one of the appropriate ports whenever TT updates it or on a sync event (like clock).

2 way comms between crow and TT is mostly done (TT is able to set and read from crow). I could also envision wanting to retrieve values from ER301 to crow/TT, and at this point it’s mostly implemented on TT so most of that work would be on the 301 side.

The idea is not to poll Teletype from the ER-301, but to poll the current values on the input of probe units inside the ER-301 from the Teletype and then use them inside your scripts

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Oh yes I did misunderstand.

TT and crow already do this, so the code is already there in TT.