Wave Fader suite (wavetable mixing presets)

Wave Fader Suite

This is a preset package for making wavetable-esque voices and doing mixing experiments with no less than four presets. I initially had wavetable synthesis in mind when making them, but they turned out to have a much wider use. The difference between the units is the amount of bands you can crossfade between starting from two up to five. These bands are mixed in a Cold Mac fashion (I think, because I never owned or tried the module :grimacing: ) with one custom control Mix, effectively scanning one band after another. The overlapping of the bands is decided by the spread parameter. At 0 the bands will be smoothly mixed while scanning from -1 to 1 with the Mix parameter. If you load single cycle wave forms in the sample players this will effectively give you a pretty nifty wavetable synthesizer. When the Spread parameter is going below 0, the bands will become narrower untill there is no more mixing going on, just very narrow areas of sound with gaps in between. This can give rhytmic effects or a radio-like effect . When you fill the bands with longer random samples you can actually make sort of a radio patch. In the demo I have filmed one example of such a patch with noise in between the samples.


How to use

Download the presets and the CV sample (the sample scanners need it). Put the CV sample in the right place (see below), and load the preset in your chain. Load samples in the unit’s subchains, two levels down (open custom unit, choose Wave number and find the sample player). Since you are running V4.0.x this is a breeze with scope view. Connect some offset or modulation source to the Mix control. Then it depends what you want to do. You can connect 1V/Oct for playing the samples, connect a gate, etc. Modulating the Spread parameter will mess up the smooth mix of the bands, which may or may not be what you want. Have fun!


  • 1V/Oct: tuning the samples (wavetable synth or sample modulation)
  • gate: Triggering the sample
  • Mix: Scanning the bands. Expecting -5V to +5V to scan all the bands
  • Spread: This parameter controls the width of the bands (higher will allow for more overlap, lower will remove overlap)
  • Level: General level of the samples. You can put also put an ADSR in here as required.

The units:

  • Wave Fader Classic
    Two sample players cross mixing with Spread control.
    CPU: 11%
    File Download: WaveFader.unit (28.5 KB)

  • Wave Fader Three
    Same but with 3 bands
    CPU: 15%
    File Download: WaveFader-3.unit (39.7 KB)

  • Wave Fader Four
    Same but with 4 bands
    CPU: 20%
    File Download: WaveFader-4.unit (51.1 KB)

  • Wave Fader Five
    Same but with, you guessed it, 5 bands
    CPU: 26%
    File Download: WaveFader-5.unit (66.3 KB)

All on Firmware V0.4.x!

Important - All these presets will be looking for a tiny CV sample called triangle.wav in the folder \ER-301\samples\CV. Download the sample here Triangle.wav (4.9 KB)

I will probably not maintain these presets in this thread, so you better go look for them in my GitHub repository here https://github.com/bparticle/bparticle


This is quite brilliant, thanks for sharing!

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awesome! great job, thanks for sharing!

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Awesome! Btw. What did you use to make the screenshot of the patch in the picture?

Hit Shift + Cancel, screenshots are saved in a folder on the SD card. When the patch doesn’t fit on the screen I make several and piece them together in Photoshop.

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have just downloaded, many thanks.

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