I skipped ahead a few videos, to Joe’s waveshaping tutorial. It seems like the first video uses a sine (set to 220) to modulate the phase of a sine wave with ~0 frequency. I don’t get this, wouldn’t a wave with 0 frequency have no phase? What am I not getting?

Is it theoretically possible for someone, not myself for sure, to recreate a distortion pedal in the er-103, by looking at the schematics?

That video was created prior to the Sample Scanner unit. Have a look at this video, which I think demonstrates a more flexible method for wave shaping.


I’m not sure about recreating a distortion pedal based on schematics. The ER-301 Units do not really model analog components.

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Thanks Joe, that makes a lot of sense! Yeah the sample scanner unit looks great

I think I’d prefer to work with triangle cv into the sample scanner, start there I mean, rather than sine… I’m guessing that the sample pool doesn’t need to be loaded with several copies of the same sample to use reuse it triggered entirely independently :man_mechanic:. No need to answer that will be totally self explanatory when I have the module!

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Here is the full formula for the sine oscillator:


Setting FREQ=0,


Setting PHASE=0,


A useful analogy is to think of frequency as velocity and phase as a translation of the origin.