Wavetable LFO / Custom Unit

Here’s a little utility unit i made,
it scans wavetables with a clocked triangle wave.
I use it exclusively with the wavetable sample chains that can be downloaded here: http://www.inspektorgadjet.com/video-tutorials/octatrack/ (The link is under “Waveforms&Slices”)

Load one of the sample chains into the sample scanner and you are good to go.
Clock is your clock input, Div sets the clock division, Window changes the active zone, while Zoom let’s you zoom into the wave. Att attenuates the signal.
The result is pretty random but maybe someone get’s a use out of it.

wavetable lfo.unit (13.8 KB)


Which firmwares does this work with ?

I’m running post 0.4, should be fine also with 0.3 i guess? err…nope, please use this with 0.4. :sweat: