Wavetable osc - waveedit import

maybe this was discussed elsewhere, i didn’t find anything so i start this thread:
as far as i know a wavetable oscillator is planned for some day. now my question is,
if maybe the format could be the same like the synthtech osc so we could import
wavetables created with the waveedit software from synthtech?

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To be honest, the wavetable osc that I’m going to make doesn’t make sense for this format. If someone else decides to make their own wavetable osc unit then absolutely they are free to design their wavetable osc around waveedit (hopefully with Synth Tech’s blessing of course).


thanks for your answer brian. i’m curious about your wavetable oscillator!

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@odevices will yours have import?

You will be able to load your own material into the unit.


I have been excited about this for as long as I can remember, even more so now I hear that @odevices is doing something different - whenever this happens it is always surprising, educational and better than the thing I imagined :smiley:


i’m very curious, given the fact that waveedit’s tables are just .wav files how a different method could be implemented!

While one could in theory use any file format, I’d assume that it’s less about an entirely different file format and more about the structure of the wav-file. Waveedit assumes a bank of 64 waves with a certain amount of samples for each wave with all waves assumed to be structured in a 8x8 grid for two-dimensional movement. One could come up with a lot of other possible ways to arrange tables or use a completely different approach where each wave is loaded in separately. Without knowing more about what @odevices is planning, it’s hard to say :slight_smile:


Any progress on this ? The wiki feature requests has said “in progress” for quite some time. Was really hoping it would be in recent fw release…

A simple way to be able to load in a bunch of the free adventure kid waveforms (akwf) and morph between them would be cool.
Anyone had any luck with that by chance ?

I don’t want to speak for @odevices, but my guess is not quite yet?

Would be awesome if we could import Serum wavetables. I believe the 1010 SynthBox does this now (haven’t tried it myself, but am familiar with making wavetables in Serum). Probably not possible, but this would be amazing given what you can do with the edit in Serum as well.

Figured I’d ask. er301 newb, but loving what I’ve been able to do so far (built an Osc, Sample player and used the grains unit (?)). Very intuitive so far!!

Ypsi Kid

Serum is pretty good at exporting, though it might take a couple of extra steps.

For instance, to convert Serum tables to WaveEdit format:
– start with an init patch
– load the table into Osc A
– go into the WT editor for Osc A and select a morph scheme, if there isn’t one already set
– set an LFO to an upward ramp, Env style, 1/4 note
– assign the LFO to Osc A WT position
– set Osc A’s phase to non-random
– use “Render To Osc B” in the menu
– enable osc B, go into its editor, and export as 16-bit
– import the file in WaveEdit, with offset to 0 and zoom to 8.0

This will first convert Serum’s arbitrary number of entries per table to 64 (with an additional 192 copies of the final entry which are ignored when importing to WaveEdit). It also scales the 2048 samples per entry to WaveEdit’s 256 samples per entry.

So, whatever format you want to use with ER-301 wavetable oscillators there’s probably a way to convert it from Serum. :slight_smile:


Anyone build a morphing wavetable osc patch yet ?

Much over a year on the roadmap…i hope it comes soon for us non coders.

Would at least like to know about brians ideas on this.


@vcoadsr managed to produce a basic sort of wavetable osc with the sample scanner, explanation and download here: Sample Scanner.


This is not the unit that I ultimately want to make but here is a simple wavetable oscillator to tide you over:


:smiley: nice !

Hs anyone came up with a way to use waveedit wavetables with the er301?

If you can output single cycle samples you can load multiple files into a buffer in the ER301

i had success with that workflow. just use Save Waves To Folder in WaveEdit, then transfer folder to the SD card and load into Single Cycle via multi-load. works perfectly!


ahh thanks for the tip! i didnt realize waveedit had the save waves to folder feature!

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