Way to multipy a value (of a CV input)?

First, I am no expert on additive synthesis, but I watched a couple YouTube videos and think I have my head wrapped around the basics (correct me if I am wrong please). From my understanding I need to have a bunch of sine waves, all at different frequencies, and I need to be able to tune them all together a certain distance apart from each other on the freq. spectrum (requiring multiplication?). I am going to try to make a simple additive synth voice with 16 sine waves to start, but am unsure how to link all the tuning with that multiplication, maybe I am going about this the wrong way, but would love some advice to help me out. I know the basics of the 301, but have not had it long enough, nor had the time to really dive in to it and learn everything yet. Thanks a bunch in advance :slight_smile:

So you don’t need to do anything too fancy or weird to get started. You can add a bunch of sine oscillators, each in their own mixer. Apply your v/oct to each one and just use the tuning on each oscillator as an offset.

Traditionally your harmonics would be at each integer multiple of your fundamental. So your second oscillator would be tuned at twice the frequency of the first, the third at three times the frequency of the first, etc. You would then change the volume of each harmonic to get different outputs. Traditionally your fundamental would be loudest with the volume tapering down as you go up in harmonics.

In my case I looked up the tuning for the various drawbars of a Hammond organ and tuned my oscillators to that to get an organ type sound.


Awesome, I will give that a try. Thank you :slight_smile: